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The Best Times to Eat to Lose Weight (April 2019).


Two days a week diet - more should not need to lose weight and stay slim. FOR YOU Introduces 5 to 2 Diet.

The killer of any diet? Of course, cravings! This can be easily explained: If the plate remains half empty, the brain sounds the alarm and demands its right to chips or biscuits. The diet frustration and the next Naschattacke are programmed. After two weeks at the latest, a classic permanent diet acts like a great famine on our body. That's why he puts our metabolism on austerity. The calorie consumption decreases and makes losing weight so tedious. This reaction chain can be switched off with the 5: 2 formula. Because by short-term fasting, meaning two days in each week, the hunger phase is not long enough to activate the austerity program. The exciting thing: More than 60 years ago, intermittent fasting, as it is known in technical jargon, was already considered an insider tip among scientists. Today, it is being researched worldwide again. The nutritionist and well-known diet book author Elisabeth Lange (61) is convinced that this approach leads to pleasure to the desired weight. FOR SIE-Food-Chef Brigitte Kesenheimer talked to her. And for you Cefredakteruin Julia has even tested the 5: 2 diet himself. Your report on the part-time diet is of course exclusively with us.

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Short-term fasting is not just such a temporary diet trend?

Certainly not! After all, this is not about the idea of ​​a single diet guru. The method comes from recent scientific studies in Germany, England, Switzerland, Australia and the USA. The 5: 2 concept is actually no diet at all. Because we only have to restrict ourselves twice a week - that means: mild fasting with vegetables and protein. And the thought "tomorrow I can eat whatever I want" makes it easy to persevere. Because on the other days we eat as usual. That 5: 2 actually works, show the stoppage rates in a new study. 70 percent of the participants stayed with it, while otherwise more than every other diet fails.

On the non-fasting days, can I really eat everything? Pizza, cake


It is one of the great advantages of interval fattening that you can eat whatever you want five days a week. Also sweet. Do not be too strict! After all, whoever controls himself hard over a long time loses a bit of vitality and, over time, no longer understands the signals of the body. With 5: 2 we gradually learn about the natural signs of hunger and satiety. And cravings are becoming increasingly rare.

On the "connoisseurs days", many will definitely hit it right?

English and American researchers unanimously came to an astounding conclusion: The part-time Faster eat on the days of pleasure, although more than usual, but on average, that is only about ten percent. However, since fasting saves around 75 percent of calories, the bottom line is nevertheless a calorie drop.

Why is part-time fasting better than a "proper" diet?

Researchers have long known that the probes of the digestive tract tire when we constantly put something in the mouth, as is often the case today. By the Dauerfutter we live hardly real hunger, and in the brain arrive ever less saturation signals. The result: The body demands the feeling of being full, of ever larger quantities. Fasting phases restore the natural balance of hunger and satiety. 5: 2 stops excessive appetite from within. If you persevere for more than two weeks, the level of a substance in the brain increases, which is called in the jargon of the researchers "Brain-derived neurotrophic factor", BDNF for short. It inhibits hunger and increases energy consumption. You get better again! In addition, there are other amazing benefits: Eating breaks protect against diabetes, cancer or heart disease. Studies show that short-term fasting not only helps with rapid weight loss but also regulates blood pressure and alleviates conditions such as asthma and rheumatism. Age researchers see this as the best chance to slow down the aging process of the body.

What happens in your mind: Why are we better off?

Someone who has been very strong for two days does not want to put the success back on the line, so he also eats something more consciously on the remaining five days. And every held fasting day also strengthens our self-confidence and the confidence to continue to lose weight successfully. But more important than psycho-effects is the change in metabolism.

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