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Styling Tips Parka, Duffle Coat, Down Jacket: How to Find the Right Winter Coat

Duffle Coat Guide - How To Wear A Duffel - The Best Overcoat For Relaxed Men - Gentleman's Gazette (June 2019).


No one wants to freeze in winter - and yet our winter coat should also be a fashionable companion. We give tips for the right choice.

At the latest when the temperatures fall below the freezing point for the first time, the leather jacket, autumn parka and cotton coat must remain in the cloakroom. Anyone who does not yet have a matching winter coat, has to hurry: The largest selection of winter jackets and coats hangs already in late summer and autumn in the shops - the most beautiful models can already be out of stock. The winter coat purchase should be well planned. Unless they are not too set on a style. Then, just before the spring starts, the final sale is the perfect time for you to prepare for the coming winter. But which model fits which style? We give an overview.

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This type of jacket is also very popular as a transitional jacket. With thicker lining and a water-repellent coating, it also brings you safely through the winter. The classic parka is decorated in muted green tones and is especially women with a sporty or casual style.

duffel coat

The elongated buttons that close the coat with a loop are the typical distinguishing feature of the duffle coat. Practical is also the hood, which also makes the characteristic appearance of the coat. Most of the duffle coat is made of heavy wool fabric. As a result, it is warm and cozy, but can also quickly fill with water in a rainstorm. Depending on the combination, the duffle coat can look classic, funky or sporty and elegant. But he is not recommended for the evening wear.

Classic winter coat

Whether single-breasted or double-breasted, short, knee-length or floor-length, with tie belt or in flared A-line - the classic winter coat is available in countless designs, shapes and colors. This coat can really wear any woman. Simple and black, he accompanies you to an evening event. Colored, short and combined with flat boots, it makes your office look perfect and with comfortable sneakers the classic winter coat takes you on a Sunday walk.


This garment sometimes looks a bit like a cape. Because the cape is almost overcast, voluminous cardigans or sweaters can be found underneath. These are also appropriate for a cape, but can come from the cut from the bottom and a cool draft. Therefore, the cape is only partially suitable for bitter cold days and makes for a beautiful silhouette best with skinny jeans or a short skirt with tights.

down jacket

If your winter coat is to be warm and practical, the down jacket is your best friend. Hardly any other material keeps as warm as the feathers of goose and duck. Sometimes such a jacket can look quite sedate. If you want to emphasize your waistline, you should look for models that are waisted and fitted with a waist belt. Vegans or vegetarians, who also want to abstain from animal products in garments, can resort to variants with polyester. Big plus: Your winter jacket is then even in the domestic washing machine washable, down jackets include in the cleaning.

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