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HOW TO STYLE 90s TRENDS IN 2019 ☆ mom jeans, plaid skirts, doc martens, etc! (May 2019).


The grunge style of the 90s is back again. In 2013, spiced up with glamorous and style-shattered parts. With our tips you start stylish in the autumn.

At some point, no trend is new, everything will eventually come back into fashion. This fall / winter, the grunge look returns. But it's not about the music, but about the unmistakable style. Everybody is allowed to be a "bad ace" this autumn. Stars like Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus or Cara Delevingne give us the style of the scene.

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The fashion

For those who do not know what grunge is: it means mess - and that is also the aim of the look. It should look like you have not even thought about your outfit. This direction became known through various bands. The most famous of these is Nirvana. The alternative genre and look made grunge a fashion hype. The autumn fashion consists mostly of grungy clothing with influences of the biker look, which is also totally hip. We'll tell you what you should not miss in your wardrobe this autumn.

Grunge allows style break. That's why the mix between tender and rough is especially popular. For example, floral dresses with rugged boots are worn. A must-have is Dr. med. Martens. These boots are perfect for leggings and XXL pullovers. In addition to these are still colorful sneakers the absolute hit. Whether with leggings or skinny jeans, they are worn to any outfit. Shirts and faded band tees belong to grunge like Bonnie to Clyde. Torn jeans, a T-shirt and an unbuttoned flannel shirt are the perfect grunge look. A knit hat can spice up any outfit. XXL cardigans or pullovers or jeans chiffon blouses are worn with dark tubes. An absolute must for a leather or denim skirt is the fishnet tights.

Each look has a variety of accessories. The grunge style is spiced up with glamorous highlights. Big sparkling statement necklaces, exquisite handbags or various rings on one hand are absolute eye-catchers and a real break in style of the Grunges.

Grunge Hairstyles

Kurt Cobain himself inspired catwalk hairstyles by various designers. The grunge hair does not care if you wear the middle or side parting. The hair should only be worn open and be a little muddled. The hairstyle should be effortless and cool. Even wild curls fit absolutely to the grunge look. To do this, use a curling iron to shape your hair. Then you rattle with your hands through the open hair and fix it with hair spray. So that you do not look like Struwwelpeter, you style the individual strands again. Done is the undone look. If you are braver, you can also risk the wet look. For this, pull a deep side parting and apply gel to half-dry hair. Your hair pressed with your palms flat to the head. This hairstyle works well with short hair too. This hairstyle fits for example chiffon blouse and skinny jeans.

Make up

The grunge make-up may actually be anything but not perfect. It may look as if you had not worn off the night before. Gloomy make-up is the focus of the grunge look. The eyes are highlighted in black, with kohl on the lower eyelid. Smokey Eyes are a classic and work well here too. In the evening may be used to lipstick in a dark nuance. The nails are painted black. If the nail polish is a bit chipped, that does not matter. That's the style of the grunge!


Pauline Edert

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