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Indian Ethnic Wear HACKS To Look Fabulous Everyday | Flipkart Fashion! (May 2019).


The ethnic look is as versatile as no other style of clothing. Immerse yourself in a world of colors, styles and material mixes.

The ethno look is characterized by its colorful pattern and material mix. Fashionable elements of various peoples' tribes are combined, from where the term "ethno" (Greek for people) comes from. Styles used often come from the Arab, African or Asian region.


Aztec patterns, exotic floral and animal prints are very popular. Even the famous safari look is part of the ethnic style. He stands for multicultural openness, freedom, adventure or travel pleasure and experimentation. In addition to calm earth tones such as sand, brown, mud colors, gray and beige also rich colors such as orange, coral, azure, jade green and neon tones are used. It is important to always combine eye-catching loud parts with a quieter, non-patterned element to keep it visually balanced. The materials are just as versatile: Delicate chiffon blouses, cardigans, linen skirts, leather belts, silk scarves and polyester pants complete the ethnic style. Pearls meet fringes and crocheted, just like the hippie, bohemian and gipsy look.

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What makes the ethnic look?

Casual playfulness is mixed with chic chic, creating a unique look. Especially in spring and summer, the look in the form of airy dresses, tunics and blouses, combined with wooden jewelry or the like, can be worn well. Silk scarves can be worn as headgear and wrapped around the neck in autumn. In winter, it gets a bit more rustic with leather boots, tights and linen shirts. Always well suited to convert long blouses to dresses, for example, decorated (waist) belt. Often, the parts of the ethnic look are oversize, making them loose and comfortable.

Hardly any other clothing style is as diverse and colorful as this one. The accessories seem to have come from distant cultures or directly from nature: bamboo hoops, leather jewelry, feather earrings and wooden bangles optically create an exotic look. There is something for every type, be it in the form of semi-transparent blouses in muted tones to camel-colored capris or petrol-colored silk dresses with gold accents. The chiffon blouses with leo or giraffe print, which used to be considered "tantig", have long since become socially acceptable in the right combination: Aztec patterns are now even found on denim backpacks, while nappa boots are provided with fringes.

Let your taste and creativity run wild!

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