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Crochet pattern cape

Long Hooded Cape Crochet Pattern PB137 Review (April 2019).


This is the autumn The cape not only keeps your shoulders warm and cozy, but also skilfully puts them on stage. The colorful wool from the collection "Indian Summer" by Wolke Hegenbarth is an absolute eye-catcher and still fits perfectly into the cooler season.

Execution: 112 (120) Cast 128 meshes, close with 1 slit stitch to the round and work 1 round of sturdy stitches. Then continue working in spirals in the basic pattern. That means, after the 1st round, the 1st stitch of the 2nd round will work directly on the 1st stitch without any rounding. For the shoulder shape after 24 cm = 18 spirals (26.5 = 20 spirals) 29 cm = 22 spirals from the stop in the following round every 13th and 14th stitch (14th and 15th stitch) 15th and 16th stitch together stitch = 104 (112) 120 sts. In the following 2nd round stitch every 12th and 13th stitch (13th and 14th stitch) together 14th and 15th stitch = 96 (104) 112 stitches. Add 3 (4) 5 times in each 2nd round and 3 times in each round at the same rate each time 8 stitches per round = 48 sts after 32 laps (48 sts after 36 laps) 48 sts after 40 laps from the attack. Now crochet 1 round rib pattern for the turtleneck. To do this work 1 relief stick from the front and 1 relief stick from the back. Then continue working in the basic pattern. After 2 rounds in the basic pattern in the next round, spread 4 sts. In the following round, increase 4 sts again. Finish on this 56 sts after 9 rounds off ribbed pattern. Halfway out the collar.

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Realization / Design: Claudia Krieg and Veronika Hug

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