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Balcony & Garden Decoration tips for a great summer party



Whether for a birthday or a barbecue party: As soon as it gets warm outside and the sun is shining, we prefer to party in the garden and on the balcony. With creative ideas and crafting tips can make beautiful party decorations.

Flowers turn our gardens and balconies into real oases of well-being. But for a successful party in the open it may also be something more decoration. After all, the table and buffet invite you to celebrate and lanterns and garlands provide a nice atmosphere. With a little imagination and beautiful Accesscoirs can conjure up a great party location.

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Everything fits on the table

Of course, flowers should not be missing in the table decoration for a garden party.But with so much crockery, candles and flowers on the table, there's no room left for tasty salads and drinks. There is stacking announced. Just place large flowers under an inverted wine glass and place matching candles or tealights on the base of the glass. With this creative presentation you do not have to do without anything and still save space. Even menu cards do not always have to stand alone. Printed, you can stick it as a label on a smooth vase or empty bottle, in which you can then put your favorite flowers.

Ideal for a hot summer

Instead of decorating the drinks with paper umbrellas and cocktail cherries, even edible flowers are a great way to bring more color into the glasses of the guests. Add different flowers such as elder, marigold or violet to an ice cube, pour water over them and then freeze. The flower ice cubes are a real eye-catcher and make any limo a summer party refreshment. It looks particularly classy when you fill the flower ice cubes in the champagne cooler. But beware: Not all flowers are automatically edible. Many varieties are poisonous, for example lily of the valley, oleander or thimble. As an alternative to flowers, you can also make ice cubes with berries, mint or lemon.

Everything great

Tortenspitze is a real all-rounder when it comes to party decoration.Whether as a pennant on the garland or as a placemat, it gives every garden party a romantic flair. Instead of being used in paper napkins as usual, you can wrap the cutlery at the buffet in pies and wrap it with parcel cord. Jam and jam jars can be embellished with cake topping and shine as imaginative lanterns in new splendor. Depending on your taste, they can still be decorated with colorful ribbons or bast.

Creative name tags for the little ones

Celebrating the children's birthday in the garden is always busy. It is run and rapped. It's easy to lose track of which child owns which drink. Can help small signs made of patterned craft paper. Cut out the paper in the form of hearts, flowers or butterflies and give them the name of the little guests. With the help of two slits, the name badges can also be put on colorful straws. Looks cute, and everyone will definitely find his glass again.

Homemade torches and lanterns

You can also make your own garden torches for the right camp fire mood in the approaching darkness. For this you need a jar with metal lid, a torch wick and lamp oil. Through a hole that can be drilled in the lid, for example, with a drill, can thread the torch wick. The glass is about half filled with lamp oil and the lid screwed on again. Once the wick has soaked with the oil, you can light the garden torch in Tikistyle.


Who lanterns, fairy lights and Co. are too boring, can also fall back on tights. Sounds weird at first, but it works quite simply: Insert a glow stick or an electric tealight into an uninflated balloon. Then balloon and light source come in the foot of a pantyhose. Do not forget to turn on the light. Then you can inflate the balloon to the desired size and hang these creative lanterns in the garden or on the balcony.

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