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Crochet Pattern Crochet Boots

?Crochet slipper boots for women & men (May 2019).


Crochet boots for the winter: They do not just look like real designer boots, with a fur insert your feet stay nice and warm.


Size: S (36/37) / M (38/39) / L (40-42)

Material:"Bravo Big" (100% acrylic, run length 120 m / 200 g) 400 g aubergine color 00149 from Schachenmayr original. Crochet hook No. 8. Espadrilles Creative yarn in black (Prym, Art. No. 932601). Espadrilles soles (Prym, Art Nos. 975100-106, sizes 36-42). 6 wooden buttons (Union button, Art. No. 4510709, color 16, 30 mm). 2 "my self-made" label.

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Basic pattern:Crochet tight loops in rounds in a spiral pattern.

Mesh sample:9 stitches (M) x 8 rows (R) = 10 x 10 cm.

Instructions :

Left boat: 50/52/54 Luftm. cast on, close to the round and crochet in the basic pattern 1 round. For the front rounding (round start = mid back / heel), work as follows over 1 round: 12/13/14 sts, work 13 times 2 sts together, 12/13/14 sts = 37/39/41 sts. 1 round in basic pattern Crochet over 1 round as follows: Work 12/13/14 sts, K 7 times 2 sts, 11/12/13 sts = 30/32/34 sts. Work 1 round in basic pattern, then crochet over 1 round as follows:Work 11/12/13 sts, 4x 2 sts, 11/12/13 sts = 26/28/30 sts. Continue to work the round in rounds of pattern 26/27/28 cm. Sew on threads. Sew the boat onto the sole with the Espadrilles Creative Thread. Sew on the shaft of the left outer edge of the 3 wooden buttons. Sew on the "my selfmade" label on the heel.
Right boat: Crochet the same as the left boat.

Information on the sizes

S = 34/36, M = 38/40, L = 42/44

If several sizes are specified for a manual, then the corresponding size is indicated at the corresponding position, ie for size S always the first number, size M the middle number and size L the last number. If only one number is given, this applies to all sizes.

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