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Did you know that you should better bake small rolls? That crispbread is not a slim food - and wholegrain is not always the first choice? Surprising facts that not even the master baker knows.

Mini-rasps are healthier than giant puffs

Bite into a fresh, crunchy crust - lovely! The great thing: The delicious wrapping of bread and rolls is super healthy. Scientists at the German Research Center for Food Chemistry in Garching near Munich have found particularly high levels of antioxidants in the crust. These protect the baked goods against mold - and our cells from environmental toxins. So the rule is: the smaller the roll, the better. Because all the more health-substances are in it. Sometimes you will find small burnt places on fresh bread rolls. In fact, these burn marks can contain pollutants. The bun is okay if you simply cut away these spots.

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It does not always have to be whole grain bread

Sure, whole wheat flour has a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber. In contrast to "white" flour, it is not free from the surface layers of the grains - the bran. In addition to healthy substances, however, bran also contains natural antibodies against plant pests. This makes especially whole grain bread from rye, wheat and barley digestible. In order to avoid abdominal twitching and bloating, one should not only eat varieties with full grains, but treat the stomach once a day easily digestible bread. Also make sure that your bread is made from natural sourdough (read the ingredient list carefully). During dough fermentation, a chemical process takes place that acts much like a pre-digestion. That makes it easier to digest. Incidentally, by nature the least defensive antibodies contain greens, often called spelled.

Six discs are allowed

For the sake of your figure you do not need to give up bread. It only makes you fat when you eat too much of it. The German Society for Nutrition advises to cover 30 percent of the energy demand with cereal products or potatoes. On days without rice, pasta or potatoes, that's an average of 300 grams - that's the equivalent of six slices of bread.

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