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Trend Bracelets Simple instructions for bracelets made of Paracord

Tutorial: Paracord Bracelets - new trend? (June 2019).


A new trend among DIY accessories is born: Paracord bracelets. The colorful bracelets are made of a material that has already saved the lives of many parachutists: nylon. The light strings can be knotted in no time to a beautiful bracelet. You can see exactly how this works in our simple DIY tutorial. Have fun!

Step 1: Select the color and trim the paracord

Paracords come in many bright colors. Since it is not easy to decide for one. In our guide we have selected two different colors, which are now knotted together to a brightly colored paracord bracelet. Each string should be 1.1 meters long and cut straight.

>>> The Paracord Guide was provided to us by VBS Hobby Service.
>>> There you will also find a large selection of paracords.

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Step 2: Join the two cords together

The pink and yellow, each 1.1 meters long cord, is now melted together to form a 2.2 meter long cord. Simply heat both ends with a lighter until the nylon metric begins to melt. Then press the soft ends together.

Step 3: Let the ends cool down

Before we proceed to the next step, it is important to let the heated ends cool well. Our long line should look like the picture.

Step 4: Braid the closures

Now the cord is placed in the middle of a loop. It is best to estimate at this point how long the bracelet should be. Then pull the loop halfway through the buckle (trident-like part) to form a tight knot. Halfway back, pass the two ends through the other part of the buckle and hang on the sides.

Step 5: Make the first loop

The right open band is first tied to a loop. To do this, carry out the right-hand string under the two guide cords and place it over the left-hand band.

Step 6: Tie the second loop

As in step 5, the left band is now tied into a loop. The difference to step 5 is that the left hand band is placed over the two leader cords and then pulled under the loop of the yellow cord. Finally, slowly and firmly tighten the finished work.

Step 7: And again

We now have the basic knotting technique and repeat it again. However, this time the right paracord string will be carried over the two leader cords and placed under the left band. In the same way, we do the same thing with the left string and pull everything together in the end.

Step 8: Just keep on knotting

Great, the knotting technique for the right and left side works! Just keep on kneading!

Step 9: Sand the ends

The cords are used up and the end is reached? Then cut the cords from a length of 3 mm and put them away with the lighter - ready! Have fun with your very own Paracord Bracelet!

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