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DIY Ideas How to decorate your wedding car

Car Decoration_Option B (May 2019).


On the wedding day every situation should be celebrated - also the first joint car ride as a married couple. We have put together great jewelry ideas for your wedding car.

flower arrangements

Flower arrangements on the car are part of a wedding like the bridal bouquet and the words of praise. It does not always have to be the lush arrangement in the middle of the bonnet. We have some alternative ideas and of course the related DIY tutorials for you.

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Small bouquets

Instead of a large arrangement, you can tie several small flower bouquets that are getting smaller and smaller. Glue the largest bouquet on the front side of the bonnet and form a line from the rest to the windshield. The smallest arrangement should form the end point of the line. Our tip:You can attach the arrangements the easiest and most gentle with suction cups.

Heart hood

Elegant and romantic, a heart-shaped floral wreath on the hood makes. Glue or simply tie the flowers you have planned around a heart-shaped polystyrene ring, and wrap it around, for example, with pearls, ribbon or wire.

Car Festoon

An entire flower garland looks festive and happy. Simply attach them underneath the windshield or directly onto the bumper, and your bride car will be elaborately embellished.

Jack Flowers

So that everyone recognizes from the side, that it is a bridal car: Attach small, tightly tied to balls bouquets with ribbons or cable ties on the door handles of the car and decorate them with a beautiful bow ribbon. Especially when every door is so decorated, this decoration looks very festive.


While driving, they dreamily blow in the wind: tie long loops to the rear-view mirrors. A particularly beautiful souvenir of your wedding are small white bows attached to the guests' cars. You can attach these to the door handles, antennas or exterior mirrors. The bow on the bonnet is very pompous: Attach two long, wide fabric straps between the rear mirrors and the grille, creating a huge V.

Rattling cans

They are the classic on every wedding car, announce the new couple loudly and are also still drive out evil spirits: cans, which are pulled behind the car. All you need is some tin cans and a thin rope. Free the cans from their labels, remove the lids and drill a hole in the bottom. Tie a knot in after one third of the rope and pull the long part of the rope through the hole of a can. Then knot the rope again and thread the next box. Continue until the end of the rope. In this way any number of ropes with cans can be created. Finally, tie the ropes together and attach the bundle to the back of a car, for example to the trailer hitch. Our tip:The cans look even more festive if you stick them on with colorful wrapping paper.

Just Married

For those who still have not noticed, attach a "Just Married" sign above the rear license plate. You can simply cut out a cardboard heart and add lettering and color or glitter.

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