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a few nice words wedding sayings

love best quotes Top 10 Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Your Husband (March 2019).


A nice saying sometimes brings the thoughts to the point better than a thousand words. We have put together a few funny wedding sayings that you can use to spice up your invitation cards or to compliment the wedding couple.

Congratulations to the wedding

The lame standard slogans in wedding guest books annoy you? Sometimes it can be funny, ironic or suggestive.

  • The most difficult task for a woman is to make it clear to a man that he can not live without her.

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    (Grethe Weiser)

  • Marrying is halving his rights and doubling his duties. (Arthur Schopenhauer)
  • Marriage is a duel that begins with wrestling. (Author unknown)
  • Every man can have the last word for a woman, provided he says yes. (Ernst Stankovsky)
  • Do not marry or marry. You will regret both. (Socrates)
  • Marry: a step by the man by which he spoils it with all the other women to win a single woman. (Author unknown)
  • If you have no sense of humor, you should not marry. (Eduard Mörike)
  • Marriage is when you still love. (Sigismund of Radecki)

Sayings for wedding invitations

We invite …

Already at the invitation, the bride and groom can express their individual style and tell the guests, whether the wedding to howl romantic or a colorful, fun party. Browse through some quotes and wedding sayings here.

  • Full of anticipation, by popular request and yet of our own volition - we marry!
  • The beauty is easy, the enduring is a challenge - we accept it!
  • Our wild marriage has failed.
  • We dare one of the last adventures of our time: we marry!
  • A great love does not need many words: we marry!
  • Individually we are words, together a poem. (Georg Bydlinsky)

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