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How to Pick a WEDDING VENUE | Tips for Brides | #BecomingBristow (May 2019).


Throughout Germany there are numerous, beautiful wedding locations. From romantic castles, to fantastic restaurants on a lake to a trendy trend location. Therefore, the bridal couple is often spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the wedding location. We have put together a few points for you that you should take into account in any case and can help you in the decision.

As you know, the summer months are very popular for weddings, so it's best to start looking for the wedding location a year before the wedding. Before the search becomes concrete, it should be decided in which kind of local the celebration should take place, because there is a lot of choice here. The following options are available, for example:

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  • a restaurant by a lake or on a vantage point
  • a trendy trend location to celebrate
  • a castle
  • a castle
  • in a hotel
  • on a ship
  • at the beach
  • a country house in the countryside
  • a gourmet restaurant

If the suitable location has been found, you should always carry out a location check in advance, ie visit the location together with the partner and, if applicable, the family. During the visit the following points should be considered:


You should first ask the landlord of the location if the location is free on your desired date and, if so, if several rooms are available.

Smoker / nonsmoker

Before the celebration, you should definitely inquire whether smoking rooms are available for the smokers among the guests.

The location of the location

The location should not be too far from the church or registry office. A long journey is not only cumbersome for the guests, but also complicates the planning of the celebration.

The church


There should be plenty of room for the guests as well as for the wedding musicians and the technique in the restaurant. Be aware of the number of coming guests and correctly rate them.


Be sure to show the cutlery and glasses. In addition, you should take a look in the kitchen and the toilets.


First, it should be clarified whether the guests can park directly at the wedding location, otherwise it should be pointed out on the invitation, where instead can be parked.


The budget plays a big role in choosing the wedding location. Most locations give the cost per person or calculate a flat rate. Some venues, on the other hand, only ask for rent.

Wedding dinner

Before booking the location, it should be clarified whether it is possible to arrange an own catering service or whether an in-house catering service has to be booked, because many locations have their own catering service, which is when renting the wedding location must be booked.


At a wedding many older people are usually present. Therefore, if possible, you should make sure that your guests do not have to climb 100 stairs to get to the location. If that is the case, find out if there is a lift.


Finally, you should discuss the beginning and end of the celebration with the landlord of the location. Because if the location usually closes at midnight, it should first be clarified whether an exception can be made for the wedding.

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