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Wedding gifts Wedding lantern with engraving

Custom Engraved Mason Jar Lanterns (June 2019).


It is not always easy to find a nice wedding present that pleases the bride and groom and really gives you pleasure. We have a great idea for you: a wedding lantern with personalized engraving! This is a very individual gift, which is guaranteed to remind the bride and groom of your wedding party for a long time.

This chic wedding lantern with personalized engraving can be used for a personalized gift or just give away with a nice card and a few personal greetings to the wedding.

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Personalized engraving of the wedding lantern

You can engrave the lantern with the two names of the bride and groom and the personal wedding date. In addition, there are two different motifs - two intertwined wedding bands or two hearts - to choose from. The wedding lantern is available in four different sizes: 36cm, 45cm, 60cm and 70cm high. Width and depth measure 13cm each.

Here you can order the wedding lantern with engraving >>

Wedding lantern made of high quality materials

The lantern of the brand Cilio is made of polished stainless steel and glass in which the name, the date and a matching motif is engraved. The personal engraving gives the lantern its own personal touch. The easy-to-open door allows you to change the candle inside quickly and at will.

Our tip: If you give away the wedding lantern, you can choose the candle to match the colors of the wedding decoration. So the lantern becomes a real eye-catcher on the gift table.

Gift idea not only for the wedding

A personalized engraved lantern is not just a wedding present. Of course, the motif of this lantern not only fits as a gift for a newly-married couple, but also for couples who have enjoyed their common marital bliss for several years. An ideal gift for a silver wedding, a golden wedding or just an anniversary. Even for a birthday or an anniversary, the lantern is a popular gift.

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