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You are invited to a wedding this year and maybe still looking for a creative gift idea for the bride and groom? Because the wedding day is one of the best days in a couple's life, the wedding gift should be at least as exceptional. So how about this idea?

Mini bridal gown as a money gift

Craft materials:

  • Mat A6 format, rectangular neckline, white
  • Sticker dots, brown
  • Cake tip, white (14 cm)
  • Craft template for a dress made of cake lace
  • bill
  • Ribbon (8 mm, any color)
  • scissors
  • craft glue


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  1. Glue the outside edge and the inside of the mat with brown stickers.
  2. Now fold the wedding dress from cake top to craft template.
  3. Roll up the banknote and fix it in the center of the wedding dress with some glue. Put the deco ribbon around dress and banknote and tie a bow.
  4. Position the mat perpendicular to a triangle so that the rectangular cut-out is at the front. Put the paper dress in and attach it to the back wall with some glue.

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