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KNITTING AS ART | Trend to Try | AARP (May 2019).


Everywhere is now crocheted and sewn. Even street-art artists beat soft and woolly. What fascinates everyone so much about the self-made?

A friend of mine has been working in a ramshackin bookstore for years - and has made it a great tradition to bring the most useless, bizarre find from the store to parties and birthdays to distract the hosts. About six years ago, he gave me a million-dollar tome in purple binding, which then made for great amusement: the "Encyclopedia of female handicrafts".

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Works by the international group Masquerade in Stockholm

We both would not have dared to dream that today with this tome ironic-free stormy enthusiasm would trigger. Not only here in Germany, internationally takes a new zest for making yourself amazing shapes. I remember my first encounter with "knitted graffiti" in Stockholm: a ring of brightly curled wrist warmers shone on a sculpture in the city. "Urban Knitting" is the name given to this street art trend, which now decorates trees and objects such as benches, bollards or street lamps from Helsinki to New York, from Tel Aviv to Berlin. He is in a good mood and has probably contributed to the fact that the good old handcraft techniques are extremely popular again.

In Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, sewing cafés, knitting circles are exchanging, crocheted trestles are forming. Tania Gehrmann, 39, of the Berlin fabric store "Frau Tulpe" estimates that in the last three years alone in Berlin about ten new shops have opened, the substances sell and / or offer sewing courses. Museums present exhibitions of textile handicrafts, such as the Antwerp Fashion Museum *. And we are enthusiastically (again) learning in overcrowded VHS courses, which we used to sometimes find not so tingling as elementary school children in "manual work". If you have two left hands or no time, innumerable small labels, manufactories and designers are now offering lovingly handmade products on special Internet platforms for sale.

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