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Interview Matthias Schweighöfer in an interview

Exklusiv-Interview mit Matthias Schweighöfer in Hollywood (May 2019).


As an actor we've loved him for a long time, now he also directs: Matthias Schweighöfer (30) plays a softie in his new movie.

FOR YOU: After ten years as an actor, you have directed for the first time and produced your comedy "What A Man" (from the 25th of August in the cinema). How personal is this movie?

Of course, a lot of biographical information has flowed into it. As a child, for example, I had long hair and was rather roundish. It happened that I was asked, "Are you a boy or a girl?" All my friends from my generation are still defining themselves as men: Do you always have to be strong or humorous and sensitive? Or you can just give yourself as you are, and that's okay?

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And what kind of man are you?

I'm impatient, I get crazy bad mood if I'm not fast enough. On the other hand, I'm easy to get excited about and say too many times yes - and then too late no.

Are you too nice?

Not that, but sometimes inconsistent. Maybe it's the sign of the zodiac: I'm a fish, we always swim a bit. Man (n) should know exactly what you want. Of course, this includes courage. That's what "What A Man" is all about: confronting problems, not lurching around. That makes me a "real" man. Then the women also know what they are about.

Where do you think is the core problem between men and women?

The hormones! No, I think relationships are so often a struggle because everyone insists on his position. Many couples split up on the first occasion and immediately enter into a new relationship. I've been with my girlfriend for eight years now, that's a long time. This is not so easy to rebuild with a new partner.

Tell us the secret of your relationship.

One must not blame the other for one's own shortcomings. And: relationships have to develop. In the past, I often fell on my nose, which certainly had to do with the separation of my parents. By the way: Could not we set up an advertisement for my mother? I would wish that she met some nice men. Write: Anyone who wants a woman, in his mid-fifties, super-funny and very sexy, they should get in touch. My mother needs a man - that would be a good headline (laughs).


  • Where he grew up: in Anklam (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).
  • Where he loves & lives: Matthias Schweighöfer prefers the quiet country life with girlfriend Ani and daughter Greta (2) on a farm to cool Berlin.
  • How he made his career: school theater in Chemnitz, cinema debut in 2001. Greatest successes: in the cinema "Keinohrhasen" (2007) and "Friendship!" (2010), on TV as Friedrich Schiller and Marcel Reich-Ranicki. Awards: from Bambi to Grimme Prize.
  • His new movie "What A Man": In the romantic love comedy, the gentle teacher Alex (Schweighöfer) is left by his girlfriend (Mavie Hörbiger) for a tough guy. He gets into a crisis of meaning, moves to childhood friend Nele (Sibel Kekilli) and takes tuition with macho buddy Okke (Elyas M'Barek).

Her daughter Greta is now two years old. What do you want to give her for life?

Courage. Warmth. I want her to laugh a lot and not become a bitch. And it should learn that you have to work for the things that are important to you. - I'll show you a picture (he pulls out his iPhone): It has grown quite tall, my little one. Look, she has my curls. And here is our farm, just behind Spandau. With barn.

Til Schweiger says about you: "Matthias is one of the best we have." What is so unusual about you?

Maybe that I will never commit to a particular type. I shoot my films for the audience, I want to entertain. And always try to convey that I'm normal. I am not a star. I still make my jam myself!

Moment! Which variety?

Preferably made from raspberries. Self picked, of course. We also have currants and mirabelles.

And where else do you help in the household?

I suck a lot of dust. And recently, with my dear neighbor, I have grown a swing for Greta, at our walnut tree eight meters high. That also required courage (laughs)!

What would you like more?

Time! I would like more time for my daughter. But I also love my job. I can always flee into a fairytale world, inventing and trying out, living through situations and dreams that would not be possible in real life. Some of my films have not been very successful, but that's fine. You do not always want to stand on the mountain top, there is also the valley. I'm glad it did not always go uphill.

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