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Understanding Different Flours and When to Use Them- Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph (May 2019).


Rye flour, maize flour, wholemeal flour - where is the difference, what do the different varieties have to do with allergies and which variety is actually best for baking? We clarify.

What is flour?

Flour is finely ground grain, which is particularly suitable for baking due to the gluten gluten contained in it. There are different types of flour: It can consist of spelled, rye, corn, oats, rice, barley or millet, among others.

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Flour Type

Since different parts of the grains are processed into flour, there are different types of names. These indicate how high the amount of minerals in the flour is. If more shell components of the grain have been processed, the number of types also increases. The higher the number, the more minerals, vitamins and fiber are contained in the flour and the healthier the flour. However, it is also harder to process.

Wheat flour type 405

This flour is probably the best known. It is often used because it has a very low taste. For this reason, the wheat flour is particularly suitable for fine pastries, such as cakes or cookies. In addition, it does not contain many shell components, so it is very loose and fine-pored.

Spelled and rye flour

Also with these types of flour there are different types. The lightest spelled flour has the type 630, the lightest rye flour Type 815. Most of these varieties are still suitable for baking fine pastries. Gluten allergy suffer especially from this: in spelled or rye flour is much less gluten contained than in the classic wheat flour, also the flour is natural. Therefore, these types of flour often cause allergy sufferers much less problems.


This type of flour does not contain any gluten, which, however, leads to it not sticking and thus can not be used for baking bread. Mostly, pasta such as tortillas is made from this kind of flour.


Oat is often part of multigrain or flatbread. This type of flour also has only a small proportion of gluten. Because of its strong bitter taste, it is usually used only in small quantities. Relatively, this type of flour contains a lot of protein and oil.

Wholemeal flour

Whole wheat flour is not given a type number because it has to be ground from the whole grain. Only non-edible parts are removed before processing. Thus, the wholemeal flour consists of flour kernel, seedling and peel. This makes this flour variety the healthiest, it contains more vitamins and minerals than any other variety.

If you want to substitute whole wheat flour for wheat flour when baking, be sure to add more liquid to the dough. About ten to 20 percent more milk or water is good for the stronger flour.

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