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Care Tips Waxing and Sugaring: Hair removal for smooth skin

Why Sugaring Is The Best Type Of Hair Removal | Macro Beauty | Refinery29 (May 2019).


Disturbing hair on legs, under the armpits or in the bikini area, we move to razors and epilators to body. Waxing and Sugaring are alternatives that may help to prolong the appearance of smoother skin.

According to a study by the University of Leipzig, more than 97 percent of young women regularly remove disturbing hairs. No wonder drugstores offer a wealth of hair removal products. Razors, Cold Wax and Warm Wax, Halawa or epilator - who does not know about depilation jungle, can quickly lose track. Waxing is trendy. We explain what has to be considered.

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Sugar and wax are something for professionals

Anyone who has ever experimented with wax stripes or sugar paste in their own bathroom knows that these aids for hair removal are not for beginners. Preparation and application decide on success and pain factor. If you want to be sure, make an appointment in a professional waxing studio. Prices vary depending on the size of the treated body part and studio.

Waxing: with and without fleece

When waxing with wax, various methods can be used. Either the warm wax is painted on the body part to be depilated and a fleece strip is applied. This is deducted with a courageous movement. The hair sticks in the wax and is thus removed - together with the root. Another method is to use special waxes that can be removed without fleece strips. The principle is the same for both methods. Since the hair is removed with the root differently than with a shave, it grows slower and softer. If you regularly visit a studio for waxing, you may find that some hairs do not regrow. Over time, the application is usually perceived as less painful.

Sugaring: with a little practice, you can also go home

If the skin is used to hair removal through waxing in the studio, a method from the Orient for domestic use is available: Sugaring. Women in the Arab world have long resorted to the sugar paste, if the body hair is to be kept in check. Halawa, as the paste of sugar and lemon juice is also called, is ready to be mixed. If you like, you can also mix them yourself: mix 100 grams of sugar with 100 ml of lemon juice and add one teaspoon of oil. Heat the mixture in a saucepan until it becomes a light brownish, homogeneous mass. After the sugar paste has cooled off slightly, it can be applied as it is and be removed jerkily with a strip of cloth. This step costs a bit of overcoming - who dares will be rewarded with long-lasting smooth skin!

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