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Small decolight for dark autumn days DIY: Make pumpkin tealights yourself

How to make a decorative glass block (June 2019).


Make little pumpkins with great autumn decoration: With our instructions, you can make beautiful pumpkin tealights as a radiant decoration for dark autumn days. Not only for Halloween a real asset.

Instructions for pumpkin tealights

You need :

  • Any number of Sweet Dumpling Pumpkins, Jack Be Little, Patissons, Roly Poly or Small Sugar
  • tealights
  • sharp knife
  • tablespoon
  • teaspoon

This is how it works:

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  1. Separate the lid of the pumpkins with the knife.
  2. Then scrape out the entire contents of the pumpkin with the dinner or teaspoon until only the pumpkin wall remains. Do not throw away the pumpkin meat - it can be processed into a soup.
  3. Now just put a tea light in the middle of each little pumpkin, set it alight, ready!

Tip:It will be especially funny if the lids of the pumpkins are carved in different patterns.

Another tip:Once a pumpkin is cut open, it spoils quickly. Here you will find tips to make decorative pumpkins last longer.

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