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DIY Garden Beds | How to make raised garden planters for a deck (May 2019).


In spring, most people are drawn to the balcony, or to the garden. New beds have to be laid out or old ones have to be freed from the winter cover. We have the best tips for you here.

Make the old bed fit

If you still have old beds, you must make sure during preparation that the soil is not dug too deep. Because the deep soil contains special properties. After frequent freezing and thawing, the soil in the bed has a fine and crumbly structure. This is perfect for the reseeding. You should loosen up the upper soil only slightly and upgrade with some compost.

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Create a new bed

Set 1 location

First, you should set a suitable place for your new bed. The location should be sunny or in partial shade. Now you should be clear about what types of perennials you want to plant in your bed. In a considerable flowerbed you should fall back on different plant types. Mix perennial plants under the plants, so you have the whole summer something of it. Decorative ornamental grasses such as reeds or tall grass provide a visual change.

2 Digging and grooming

There are more than pansies, geraniums and oleanders for your balcony. Turn your balcony into a small garden paradise with herbs, fruits and vegetables. With our tips grows on your balcony soon a small vegetable garden.

Now that the location is set, you can start digging. Use pegs and a thread to pin down the area. Loosen the earth with a rake and remove larger stones. Also weeds and plant pests should be removed. Our tip: earthworms are allowed to stay! They loosen up the soil in a natural way. Now you can fertilize the bed. Do you have a farm nearby? The manure from there is best. You can also buy mother earth mixed with compost.

3 Protection of the bed

To protect the new plants, there are different methods. Our tip: To keep lice and snails away, use natural aids. Lice are kept away, for example, by fragrant herbs such as lavender and nasturtium. Against snails, you can create a snail ditch, or you collect them before they cause damage. For snail venom you should only resort to an emergency!

Our tip for the special something: To bring more color to the beds, put extra pots in your bed. In spring, summer and autumn, you will always plant them with fresh flowers.


Julia Rosicki

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