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Coral and lilac are trend make-up trends of spring

Coral Makeup: The Hottest Lip Trend (May 2019).


Brings up the mood: Our two make-up trends "Coral" and "Lilac" are selling tired winter blues.

Make-up trends of spring

1. Makes the lips fuller and the smile even more seductive: Lip gloss "Golden Gloss" (# 36 Golden Chocolate with extra lots of gold particles) by Yves St. Laurent, about 25 Euro.

2. Brings the complexion as kissed by the sun (generously with the brush on pat): browning powder "Terracotta Poudre Bronzante" by Guerlain, about 43 euros.

3. Contains 25% moisturizer and gives a shimmer look: Lipstick "Rouge Hydra Nude" (02 Coral) by Clarins, about 20 euros.

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4. Brings out the luminosity of the eyes and makes the eyes more alert: eyeshadow palette "Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor" (78 Candide Garden) by Givenchy, ca. 47 Euro.

5. Provides an uneven look to uneven skin with reflective pigments: Foundation "Teint Miracle SPF 15" (in 8 shades) by Lancôme, approx. 38 Euro.

6. Mattes the complexion and models the cheeks: compact rouge powder "Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush" by Estée Lauder, about 45 euros.

7. The color of the water-resistant stick can not run: Contour pen "Soft Liner for Lips and more" (No. 517) by BeYu, approx. 7 Euro.

8th One order is enough, and the nails shine in noble pink: Nail polish "Aphro - dite Shell" (No. 306) by Catherine Nail Collection, about 8, 50 Euro.

1. A must for lilacs are black eyelashes with lots of fullness: Mascara "Sumptuous Waterproof Bold Volume" by Estée Lauder, approx. 20 Euro.

2. The ideal companion to purple eyelids (emphasize only the outer corner of the eye): Eyeshadow "Motorhead Midtone dirty blue with copper pearl" from MAC, about 19, 50 Euro.

3. Mysterious iridescent colors: eyeshadow palette "Ombres Perlées" by Chanel, about 55 euros.

4. Glitter particles make the lips shine glamorous and give them a wet look: Lip gloss "Glam Stars" (No. 06) by Artdeco, about 11 euros.

5. A texture like velvet and silk with 24 hours of hold: eyeshadow "Color Infaillible" by L'Oréal Paris, about 11 euros.

6. Emphasize the cheeks from the middle to the temples in rosé: Rouge "Healthy Glow Mineral Blusher" (01 Glowy Ballerine) from Lancôme, about 49 euros.

7. Ripens the look: eyes with a fine line in purple borders. Kajalstift "Collection Khol Kajal Eyeliner" (5 Purple Passion) from Manhattan, about 3.50 euros.

8. Color magic for the eyes of purple over lilac and rose to brown: eyeshadow palette "Neo Pastels Palette Yeux Ombres & Liner" by Clarins, about 40 euros.

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