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7 Cookbooks Every Man Should Own (May 2019).


You like to cook and are experimental? Then take a look at our cookbooks and enchant your family and friends with recipes from celebrities and celebrity chefs.

Cooking delights on the high seas

32 ship cooks from all over the world let us look into their pots in "gipsy gold". They tell us recipes between Chicken Biryani and Sauerbraten, which mean much more than feeding at sea. Food on a ship: That's soul rust, emergency exit, a feeling of home. For some, the ship's cook is the most important man on board. If the food tastes good, the mood is better. "Kombüsengold" is a cookbook from the harsh reality of the oceans. Refined with stories of those men who need to know what counts on a plate. For cooking at your own stove, all recipes were tested by star chef Michael Röhm.

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Kai Schächtele: Gullwing gold. 32 recipes and hearth stories by See, Ankerherz Verlag, 226 pages, Euro 29.99

Vegan live, part 3

Author and nutrition expert Attila Hildmann has created milestones in vegan cookbook literature with "Vegan for Fit" and "Vegan for Fun". Now comes the third part, in which Hildmann sets out to search: how are the regional eating habits of people related to their health? Among other things, he has traveled to Japan, a country with very high life expectancy, where people enjoy the best of health. What is the secret of this long-lasting youth? In addition to findings on novel nutritional methods such as superfoods and ancient traditions such as the Japanese temple kitchen, the book provides of course any amount of delicious vegan recipes.

Attila Hildmann: Vegan For Youth. The 60-day Attila Hildmann Triet, Becker Joest Volk Verlag, 288 pages, Euro 29.95

Save the remnants

As crazy as it sounds, these ideas conjure up the tastiest dishes from kitchen leftovers. Throwing away was yesterday: Here red beets with dark chocolate combined, sesame seeds with kaki fruits and olive oil with freshly picked meadow. Everything you find in your home refrigerator (or garden) can be used with these recipes. And always: Small amounts make it possible.

The book "Taste the Waste" builds on a bitter truth, which the eponymous film of 2011 already revealed: Half of the food we produce lands in the bin! Why? A common reason is that these foods are not perfect. If the cucumber is too crooked and the carrot too tuberous, these products are not marketable. A scandal, do you think? Then read this book.

Valentin Thurn / Gundula Christiane Oertel: Taste the Waste. Recipes and ideas for food rescuers, Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 256 pages, Euro 18.99

More delicious leftovers recipes can be found here.

More than baby porridge

As healthy and delicious as baby food from the jar may be today - making your own is still best. In this cookbook, parents who love to cook (and aunts, uncles, grandparents, big siblings …) will not only find recipes with such nice names as "Hidden Chicken in a Glass", "Good-Luck-Mus" or "My first praline". It also provides useful knowledge regarding the diet of the youngest family members. The beautiful illustrations by photographer Hubertus Schüler (not only the little ones) whet the appetite for more.

For babies between the ages of five and ten months, the dishes are particularly suitable. And what is the author's name? Naturally!

Cora Mini: Gourmini. Loving cooking for the little ones, Becker Joest Volk Verlag, 140 pages, Euro 19.95

Great recipes for the older kids can be found here.

The best cookbooks

She has inspired in Hollywood movies like "Clueless". Alicia Silverstone also knows how to cook: 120 vegan dishes she serves us - recipes without meat and animal protein, very healthy and good for looks. "Your skin, your hair, your nails just look better. You lose weight without the yo-yo effect, "explains the actress. You do not have to do without delicious things, because the recipes sound delicious. Besides, they are good for the environment. "Conscious eating can take responsibility for our planet, " says Silverstone. "Many people just do not know how easy it is to protect nature through their diet. That's what I want to show with my cookbook. "Good tip, we think of it!

Alicia Silverstone, My Recipes for a Better World, Goldman Arkana, 352 p., 19.99 euros

Where food tastes like home

Johann Lafer's heart belongs to the kitchen of his childhood. His new book became a declaration of love for Styria - and unforgettable meals full of enjoyment and joie de vivre

Mr. Lafer, what is special about the cuisine of Styria? First and foremost, it is the natural products: land pigs that are still allowed to wallow, free running Sulmtaler chickens, Weizer mountain lambs, fish from crystal clear mountain lakes and pumpkin seed oil. Then the people who devote all their passion to the production of food. And of course the careful, traditional preparation, in which one has never forgotten that food has to taste first and foremost good. Only together can true enjoyment be achieved.
Was there something like a key experience for you to become a chef?
The most beautiful place is in the kitchen - also for me. As soon as I was able to run as a little boy, I wanted to get involved in the stove. At the age of nine, I was allowed to bake my first sponge roll on my own. At the latest after that it was clear: The "Hansi" will cook!

Did Styrian cuisine also influence your cooking style?
In any case, I first learned the respect for good food and always made the best of a high-quality basic product. My mother - a master in cooking - taught me simple, down to earth, honest cooking.
Do you also have Styrian recipes on the menu of your restaurant?
Yes, sure. Many even. The Wiener Schnitzel is still made the same today as it used to be and is the classic at the Stromburg in the "Bistro d'Or" that all guests love. Her favorite dish is


Schnitzel! The meat of the milk calf must be very thin, the breading fluffy. This is possible when the schnitzel are fried in plenty of clarified butter.
Many are now skiing. What are you doing wrong at the hut?
These are the good old classics like a crispy fried chicken, delicious roast with dumplings and Kaiserschmarrn.
Hand on heart: Can you still surprise culinary?
After 35 years of professional experience you have certainly looked into many pots. Nevertheless, for a very delicious, healthy and tasty food you can still inspire me at any time of day or night.

"My home kitchen" by Johann Lafer, 192 pages, 24.90 euros, Gräfe and Unzer

From pea peas, white truffles and a pinch of madness

Luisa knows every single olive tree. The lentils are a family sanctuary, and when it smells of white truffles in November, the fragrance comes not from a bottle of truffle oil, but from real white truffles. The meat in Luisa's pots comes from animals that were allowed to lead a happy, maybe even wild life, until Luisa gives them the last great honor in their kitchen.

This is how a radical cooks. Radically seasonal. Radical regional. Without compromises. Maria Luisa Scolastra is serious about quality and cooks for her life, proverbially. In her restaurant in Foligno she cooks according to ancient Umbrian recipes, which for three generations make hungry eaters and great connoisseurs happy. With plenty of vegetables and fine legumes and meat and fish: a little, but at its best. All of this is wonderfully old-fashioned. And that's why it's more modern than ever.

Judith Stoletzky, in demand copywriter and columnist from Hamburg, tells virtuously and lovingly pointedly by a cook, who can actually only exist in a secret place in Italy, even if this place in Umbria is of course no longer secret. After all - her recipes were until recently in any book about Italian cuisine to find.

The result is a book that, like a meal with Maria Luisa, inspires with every single ingredient.

Judith Stoletzky: "Maria Luisa can not help it", Becker Joest Volk Verlag, 430 pages, 34 euros

A model cookbook? Only raw food and still water come to the table - but not with the Englishwoman Sophie Dahl, who years ago with size 42+ became a baroque curve star and also inspired Karl Lagerfeld. "I've always had a passionate relationship with food, " confesses the ex-model and takes us on a journey through the seasons in her second cookbook. For her dishes, she chooses as few exotic ingredients as possible - in the summer there are wonderful juicy fruits and vegetables, in autumn she serves pumpkin parmesan soup. A completely positive reading pleasure. Because when Sophie Dahl raves about cream or strong soups, then it's clear: this is a convinced connoisseur.

Sophie Dahl: From season to season: cooking according to the seasons, Edel-Verlag, 288 p. 19.95 euros

We know her from successes like "Shakespeare in love, " and many years ago she was with Brad Pitt. Gwyneth Paltrow is a world star - and enthusiastic mother, wife and cook. In her book, she reveals what she prefers to cook for her family. Red meat is not one of them, it's better to eat chicken or vegetarian - and it's usually pretty uncomplicated too. Who would have thought: This cookbook also convinces people who do not follow every step of Gwyneth on the Red Carpet. And all fans will be happy: Because in addition to the kitchen secrets, she also reveals a few details from her private life.

Gwyneth Paltrow: My recipes for family and friends, Edel-Verlag, 271 p., 24.95 euros

Cocktail King

The 52-year-old author and owner Uwe Christiansen of three bars is considered one of the best bartenders in the world. He reveals his professional tips:
Which bar is the place to be?
The "Schumann's" in Munich, the "PDT" by Jim Meeham in New York and - with all modesty - of course my "Christiansen's" in Hamburg.
Your favorite cocktail?
Clearly, the French 75: 2 cl Gordon's Gin, 2 cl lemon juice, 1 cl sugar syrup - shake everything cold, put in a frosted champagne flute and fill with 10 cl Piper-Heidsieck Brut champagne.
What is important when mixing a cocktail for guests?
To choose one that is ready to make, otherwise the host is in the kitchen all evening.

A cocktail for every mood: "Mixed Emotions", Südwest Verlag, 19.99 euros

Slim and fit in four weeks

Some people do not manage to lose weight despite dieting. This may be because certain foods over acidulate the metabolism, explains the nutritionist Ralf Moll and advises to rebalance the body by not consuming too much acidic food. His 4-week diet consists of the three phases of soup fasting, basic nutrition and predominantly basic nutrition. Nobody has to dine there: The recipes contain a lot of vegetables or cereals. Of course, the authors also provide relaxation and sports tips. A book that makes you hungry for weight loss.

Ralf Moll, Gisela Held: "Slim instead of sour", southwest, 160 pages, 14.99 euros

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