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Like an earthquake, his affair shook her life, shaking the foundations of her relationship. Should she go? Should she stay? Karin discovered a third way for herself: she remembered herself.

It had been muggy for days, and heavy storm clouds were rising that evening. I had an appointment with my girlfriend Stefanie for dinner, and when we met in front of the restaurant, the first large drops pattered on the asphalt, on the terrace, a parasol had been knocked over by the wind. I noticed immediately that Stefanie was different than usual. Distanced, buttoned. Our conversation did not get off to a good start, and then she suddenly said, "Karin, I do not know if I'm doing the right thing, but I'm your friend, and I think you should know: Yesterday I had your husband with you seen younger woman. The two of them were very familiar with each other. "Stefanie could not look me in the face and shifted the menu nervously on the table. "I do not believe that, " I whispered. And: "I want to go." Eating was not thinkable anyway.

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My husband Fred (50) and I (46) were married 18 years ago. We have two sons - Leon is 15 and Philipp is 13 this year. We live in the countryside, have built a house in a small town near Hanover. I set it up, the kids grew up here, it's our home. Fred runs a well-run insurance office. I am an optometrist. Happiness lives with us, I always thought. Until that hot August day, when everything went from one second to the next. It was already pouring when I came home that evening. Fred stood in the kitchen and cleared the dishes from the table. He smiled absently at me, but I closed the door and said to his head, "Do you have anything with another woman? Tell me! Stefanie saw you. "Fred just stood there. Inhaled deeply. And was silent. I felt such coldness around me as if there were a layer of ice on my skin. Neither of us spoke a word.

Only later we could talk: My husband had fallen in love with a customer, for three months that was already so. "I did not seek an affair. Believe me, please. You and the boys, our family, you are the most important thing for me. What can I say? It just so happened, Karin. "Well, that sounds like that when everything goes down the drain. Just because. For days I was only in bed, in the shop I had been sick. The guys thought I had the flu. I felt miserable, small, ugly, old. Pictures of the other danced in my head - with my husband. Fred himself spoke little to me. He accepted my withdrawal. He avoided the word divorce but did not give me any hope. Everyday sentences, agreements and arrangements suddenly became surprisingly intense and heavy. One evening, for example, was about a student exchange program. In the fall Leon was supposed to go to school in France for two months. "We still have a lot to clarify, " said Fred. We. This word seemed like a declaration of love to me. "We" still meant: Fred and me.

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