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Knitting instructions Sweet egg warmer

DIY Crochet Kawaii Egg Cozy! ¦ The Corner of Craft (May 2019).


This winter is nothing without a self-knitted hat - not even the breakfast egg! With our free knitting instructions, you can easily knit the egg warmer.


Size: 8 cm high and 20 cm circumference

Material: Schachenmayr yarn "Loanda" (50% polyacrylic, 30% pure new wool, 20% polyamide, 75 m = 50 g) 50 g in nature Fb. 00002 are enough for 3 to 4 egg warmer. Rose Quartz Fb. 00035, Royal Fb. 00051 and Kiesel Fb. 00090 for the pompons, knitting needles No. 7

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The yarn is entangled in a double thread!

Basic pattern: All rows: knit right sts. All back rows: * 2 sts right, 1 sts left, 2 sts right, repeat from *.

Mesh test: 10 M and 20 R = 10 x 10 cm

Instructions: The yarn is entangled in a double thread! Cast on 20 sts and knit 10 rows in basic pattern. On the 11th row, knit over the four right ribs M 3 M on the right side: Lift off the right rib M sts with the previous st as if to the right knit, knit the following sts on the right and pull the off sts over the knitted sts = 12 sts Work over these 12 sts in the next 4th row over the four right ribs M. Again, these decreases and tighten the last 4 sts on a string. Close the seam.

Completion: For each egg warmer, work a small, colored pompon: Wrap a cardboard strip about 3 cm wide, wrap it with a stable thread, cut the threads and cut the pompon into shape. Sew on the top.

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