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Stars Interview: Charly Hübner

Claudia Michelsen und Charly Hübner im Interview -- GOLDENE KAMERA 2013 (May 2019).


A household can throw the popular actor anyway. And what he does, he does in principle good.

Charly Hübner - Wanted poster

  • Born as Carsten Johannes Marcus Hübner on December 4, 1972 in Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
  • Career:Wanted to become a professional athlete, but had to give up his goal because of cardiac arrhythmia. Breakthrough with "The Lives of Others" (2006), German Comedy Award as Sketchpartner by Anke Engelke in "Ladykracher" (2008). As Rostocker "police call 110" commissar Bukow he was in 2010 a fixed TV size.
  • Private:Since 2012 he is married to actress Lina Beckmann and stepfather of Karl (5). The couple is involved in the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg and is currently on stage together in "Der Idiot".

He is known as macho commissar Sascha Bukow in "Police Call 110". But Charly Hübner (40) can also do it very differently: In the charming cinema comedy "Eltern" he plays Hausmann Konrad, who returns after years as a director. His wife is overwhelmed with the new division of labor, the daughters are angry. Time for a conversation from the true family life.

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Your tip for stressed parents, Mr. Hübner?

Everything that's really important is on the table - and in the calendar. It may sound simple, but that is at least the best way to organize your everyday life.

What do you think of parental leave for fathers? Is it still considered unmanly for men to stay home?

No. I'm from the GDR. It was perfectly normal for women to work. That's why I did not understand the equality debate in the West. That was never an issue for me. I took a few months off and played only a few theatrical performances to be at home. And I will do it again and again.

Do you have educational principles?

Let it run - just not on the street (laughs). I like the old-fashioned expression "Schutzbefohlener". A child is ordered to protect me, and I act accordingly: I always go half a step behind and only intervene if I have to. Restrictions are always an expression of fears. But children have healthy instincts and should make their own experiences. I would have liked more freedom as a boy, I was a tomboy.

But children need solid structures, right?

Yes, but they also need variety and new impulses. For example, there is no table arrangement with us. We just sit like we are sitting right now. Meals as such are important, but who eats food where, does not matter.

What do you do in the household?

Having lived alone for a long time, I am used to doing everything myself. But I'm glad if I do not have to vacuum! I am a very tall person (1.92 meters), the classic vacuum cleaner is a bit too short for me. That's when I get a herniated disc (laughs). I really like to cook for that.

Is much easier when you're together longer?

I do not believe that. There are always new situations that you have to adjust to - there you can plan so precisely. Balancing all requirements as harmoniously as possible - that's life for me. And I'm amazed how easy that can be. When I met my wife, I was just looking at an apartment in Barcelona and wanted to leave Germany. Instead, I moved to her in Bochum.

You just gave up your plans?

Sure, of course. I wanted to live with her, so I did not feel like giving it up. Couples who still cling to the life plans of the age of fifty when they turn 30 are often more unhappy than those who respond to all the tragedies of life together. You have to stay open for everything.

Are you getting in the way?

I can not easily relax. At Christmas I tried a recipe, so put in and bake fish. I did not succeed well, and I did not realize that. The train was gone, of course, but I've spent all my time wondering why he left. I will not rest until I know why.

Did you find out?

Luckily yes: too long in vinegar and too little egg at the breading.

What should a woman never ask a man for?

In my case, the question is not what, but when! In the last quarter of an hour of a football match I'm not approachable. When it comes to football, I'm a typical guy (laughs). Or if I am highly focused and I really want to finish something. That's just not possible.

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