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Tips Single on Valentine's Day?

HOW TO BE HAPPY SINGLE | 8 Tips On Being Alone (April 2019).


No problem! If no exciting date is waiting for you, here are some ideas for the ultimate Plan B.

Not everyone is looking forward to the 14th of February. Especially, who is single on Valentine's Day, does not necessarily feverishly anticipate this day. After all, the many lovers in love fall on the eye that day. But that does not have to be that way. Just grab your best friend or several girls and make your own, very personal Valentine's Day. After all, he is not only the day of the lovers, but above all, the day of friendship.

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Weekend Trip

How about a spontaneous weekend trip? Soak up some sun, enjoy a short break and round off the evening with a delicious cocktail - you will not forget this Valentine's Day so quickly.

Are you tired of single life? Then we have the right event tips for you: Speed ​​dating events in Hamburg >>


You do not want to wander into the distance? Then just discover your own city. Sure, you will spontaneously come across some places you've always wanted to visit, but never got around: a small movie theater on the other side of the city, a museum you'll only know from hearsay - you're sure to find it.

Spa day

Finally, talk extensively with your girlfriends and at the same time enjoy a soothing foot massage - great idea. Find yourself a nice hotel with a nice spa area and let yourself be pampered. Then you are not only deeply relaxed, but also know the latest gossip and gossip from your circle of friends!

Shopping Queen

Since on Valentine's Day in addition to the romance is all about gifts, you should not renounce this tradition: Go on a shopping spree and give yourself a gift. Maybe you discover even one or the other bargains in the sales.


Have you wanted to talk to your best friend living abroad for a long time? The pictures on your camera should have landed on your computer long ago? And the Pilates DVD on your shelf has been waiting for you for a while? Use Valentine's Day as a single for things you've been putting off for a while. You will see - at the end of the day you will feel completely happy and productive.

girls night Out

Anyone who, after all, wants to experience a bit of romance and hear passionate declarations of love, simply organizes a cozy DVD evening with friends. A glass of Prosecco, a few snacks and your favorite love movie - that's all you need.

And last but not least: If you are not looking for an alternative program for Valentine's Day next year, you can sit down in a small, beautiful café on February 14th and let things take its course …

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