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Gifts to the birth

Birth Parent Gifts - What To Give and What NOT To | Bits of Paradis (May 2019).


Birth is a very special day not only for the new earthly citizen, but also for the expectant parents. To celebrate the arrival of a child, the baby or the parents are richly gifted. It is especially nice if the gift has a personal touch and a symbolic value. Such extraordinary gifts accompany the child at best for a lifetime.

Gifts to the birth

Personalized gifts

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DIY Gift Ideas

Gifts for a lifetime
Especially the people, who are close to the newborn and the parents, would like to find a gift for the birth that will accompany the child for a lifetime. The same applies to baptismal gifts, which often have a symbolic character. The people who are chosen as godparents for the baptism by the parents, should definitely choose a beautiful gift for childbirth, which shows how much the child and the role as a godfather or aunt means to them. Very popular are personalized gifts that bear the name of the newborn or a very personal dedication. The first photo album or set to make an impression of the little baby foot made of clay, are always very popular with newly-baked parents. These unique and unique gifts are great memorabilia to the giver or to a special occasion like the birth.

Useful for baby and parents
If you prefer to give something practical, parts of the original equipment or a diaper cake are the ideal gifts for birth. Just the everyday utensils and utensils that parents need after the birth of a child, together are costly. Parents and children are happy about a bit of support in the form of gifts. How about, for example, a chic diaper bag for the mom? For example, self-sewn baby clothing is individual and yet practical. Suggestions for this can also be found in our DIY gift ideas. Useful and still suitable as a memento, for example, are cute stuffed animals. After all, every child has their very own favorite cuddly toy and not infrequently, they have been faithful companions since birth.

Baby gifts from friends or colleagues

The colleagues or neighbors and acquaintances also gladly present their congratulations on the birth of a child with a small gift. If you are not so close to the new parents and the newborn child, it is often difficult to estimate the taste correctly. A practical gift for the whole family that benefits both parents and the baby is the best choice.

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