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Beauty beauty tips for the summer

My Beauty MUST-haves/secrets lol | Summer Mckeen (May 2019).


The sun rises to its peak - shine with you and stay fresh. With our beauty tips for hot days

Small tricks with a very big impact

Perfectly tanned legs show

For a bikini or short skirt: A nice shimmer makes your legs more attractive - and slimmer. If you have not had time to sunbathe, use a self-tanner or tinted gel that can be easily washed off.

Be light-footed

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Hot, tired feet are refreshed by a refreshing balm of menthol, rosemary or lavender. If you have problems with swollen legs, you can take dragees: polyphenols and antioxidants from grape seed and pine bark extract stimulate the blood circulation and purify the inside within two to four weeks.

Make beautiful eyes

Instead of eyeshadow, dab bright glossy concealer or shimmering highlighter on your eyelid - looks very natural and ensures a clear view in the sunshine and candlelight. To do this, lash the eyelashes with a lot of black mascara. Best with water-soluble ink, which smears when you sweat not with the skin fat.

All around nice

You can read even more beauty and beauty tips on the following pages.

Easily maintain the complexion

Rich face creams are often too heavy in summer. Emulsions, gels and moisturizers with UV filters offer sufficient care on hot days in everyday life (on the beach sunscreen is always mandatory). They are absorbed quickly, do not greasy and protect the skin from too much sunshine during a stroll through the city or in the ice cream parlor. The summer hit with dry skin: foam masks with hyaluronic acid and aloe water, which nourish jerk, twitch wrinkles.

Show off lips and nails

Fuchsia is the new red. In this season, the intense Pinkton makes especially good on lips and fingernails. The rest of the make-up holds back discreetly. If you are not familiar with the fluorescent color of lipstick, you can first brush fuchsia nail polish on toenails. Looks great with tanned feet in flip flops and stilettos.

Strengthen the middle

Massage the abdominal area in the morning before showering with a brush or a loofah glove - this tightens the skin and prevents pelage. Also effective: apply a bit of body oil and gently pick up small areas of the skin with your thumb and forefinger.

Bring freshness

If the complexion needs refreshing during the day, fragrant floral water spray or soothing spray with minerals will be wonderfully invigorating. Can be sprayed over the make-up.

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