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Make Christmas cards yourself



Every year again … we send Christmas cards to our loved ones! With our craft ideas for Christmas cards you can become creative yourself.

Stand-up fir trees

Who opens this card, the Christmas greeting jumps against formal. With a little bit of construction paper, a pair of scissors and glue stick, the Christmas card with its opening fir trees is quickly made. If you like, you can also tinker erecting stars, Santa Clauses or reindeer.


  1. Cut the color paper of choice to the double card size.
  2. Fold the card in half and set it aside.
  3. Draw fir trees in different sizes on green construction paper. Tip: If you can not draw so well with your hands, take a cookie mold to help!
  4. Before cutting, put the adhesive strips on the Christmas trees. To do this, draw narrow stripes on the right and left side of the fir trees.
  5. Now the trees can be cut out together with the adhesive strips and folded vertically.
  6. The unfolded card is now stuck in the fold with the trees. To do so, bend the adhesive strips of the trees backwards at a 90-degree angle and coat with adhesive from below.
  7. Place fir trees one after the other in the center of the fold. The kink in the trees should run parallel to the fold in the map.

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Card with cut out balls

This card greeting can be designed individually: depending on the paper type and color, this card looks very different. Your fabric remnants will find a new purpose with this crafting idea! In addition to the classic Christmas tree your imagination in the choice of motifs have no limits: Santa Claus, snow flurry with gingerbread house, reindeer sledges …

The best holds the fabric with craft glue on the map and should dry well. For a special effect, you can cut out the motifs with a pinking scissors.

Foldable Christmas tree II

Again a manual with folding effect! In this example, the Christmas tree appears on the front of the card.


  1. Cut white and purple clay or craft paper to simple card size.
  2. Outline a fir-tree on the white paper.
  3. Cut out fir tree - but be careful: the top and middle of the trunk must remain on the rest of the paper! Otherwise the Christmas tree will not stay where it belongs.
  4. Carefully fold the Christmas tree in the middle so that it stretches its branches slightly to the right and left above.

Gifts in silhouette


This card requires some skill. Who brings leisure and time, receives a particularly artistic card for his loved ones!

  1. Cut paper in two colors to double card size and fold in half - in our example, we chose white and dark red.
  2. Drawing the gift tower on the white card. Important here are the gift ribbons: they will not be cut out later and make the silhouette seem more filigree.
  3. Carefully cut out. They just cut out the wrapping paper, which afterwards has the color of the underlying paper, the gift ribbon remains white.
  4. Now put the second card in the first and stick it on.

Fold froebel stars

Origami was yesterday! Today we are folding Froebel stars - you can see how it works here, for example.

However, for your cards, fold the frog stars only on one side. The other side stays flat. So you can stick the stars on your cards afterwards. For shipping, a small box is ideal - so your cards arrive safely!

Family photo as a personal Christmas card

You shot a Christmas family photo last year? Well, then you have found the perfect design for your very personal card! But even your self-decorated Christmas tree, the laid table or biscuit plates are beautiful motifs for self-printed maps.

If you do not have a photo printer, you can just as easily have the pictures made in drugstores on photo printing machines. Sometimes there is the option to have the image printed on the back with an address field.

Last-minute idea for colleagues: The Christmas Post-It

You want to give your colleagues a little joy for Christmas, but in pre-Christmas stress have no time left for elaborate cards? This idea is charming and simple at the same time: attach a note with a nice saying to the colleague's cork wall or stick a post-it on his computer. Hang or glue Christmas decorations - finished!

Tips for crafting Christmas cards can be found here >>

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