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Purify a week - with these recipes is the pure pleasure. Fasting expert Sabine Wacker has selected the best for you

With fasting most connect only waiver. But this Basenfasten cure (or detoxification) is different, because delicious dishes such as sesame vegetables from the wok, chard and chestnut pan or celery soup with truffles offer a variety of flavors instead of fasting monotony. Just because the food during the cure of the well-known food differs, you can enjoy this time away more consciously.

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Purification treatment that tastes good

The Basenfasten inventor Sabine Wacker has put together for the FOR YOU a varied mix of simple recipes, in which seasonal products play an important role. That is why you will find many wintry dishes. But some people are already in the mood for spring.

Important: Only ingredients without flavor enhancers such as broth or bouillon cubes from the health food store are used.

Basic foods: Find out everything about acid-base balance here >>

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