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Recipes Our best rhubarb recipes

Best Rhubarb Pie | Simple Recipe! (May 2019).


Click through this gallery full of rhubarb delights and be inspired by your next culinary work of art.

Rhubarb Tartlets

Sweet-sour rhubarb on pudding cream makes these little tartlets a treat.

The recipe can be found here >>

Turbot with rhubarb

In this dish, the rhubarb convinces with its own special touch and is accompanied by tasty fennel.

The complete recipe can be found here >>

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Rhubarb crumble

The Crumble is a crumble cake with no bottom. That's why it's incredibly juicy - and incredibly fast. Prepared with rhubarb, it fits perfectly into the spring and summer and will delight your family!

The right recipe can be found here >>

Rhubarb cake with vanilla pudding

Get the spring on your coffee table with this juicy rhubarb cake pie. The highlight is the delicious custard layer!

The recipe for this cake can be found here >>

Rhubarb Muffins

What a sweet little thing: These rhubarb muffins with white chocolate are worth every sin.

The complete recipe can be found here >>

rhubarb compote

The recipe for rhubarb compote is very easy to cook, tastes tart and sour and is simply delicious. Tip: The compote is also great next to a piece of cake!

The recipe is here for you >>

rhubarb juice

Squeaky red juice, striped straws, sun, summer … Rhubarb juice looks great, tastes delicious and works very fast.

Discover the recipe for the delicious juice here >>

Rhubarb cheesecake with sprinkles

This treat combines sweet, creamy and sour components into a back-masterpiece. This delicious cheesecake must not be missing on the next coffee table.

Read the recipe here >>

Strawberry-rhubarb jam

The sweetness of the strawberries and the slightly sourish taste of rhubarb combine to form a deliciously fresh spread that will make you start the day in the best mood.

So you can easily make this jam yourself >>

Rhubarb liqueur

Can it be a bit high percentage? This liqueur is perfect for every evening garden party.

The right recipe can be found here >>

Rhubarb tart

Tarte does not always have to be hearty. Fresh and fruity, this rhubarb tart presents itself.

Simply bake the tart with this recipe >>

Rhubarb meringue cake

Bake a fruity cake with a delicious Meringue Dome and invite friends and family to a tea party.

Find the right recipe here >>

Strawberry and rhubarb porridge with vanilla sauce

Strawberry-rhubarb-porridge is just the right dessert for warm spring days, because it refreshes and tastes nice and fruity. A delicious custard completes the harsh taste of rhubarb.

Find the right recipe here >>

Refreshing rhubarb spritzer

Create a sparkling rhubarb spritzer with fresh fruit from the garden or the market. The instructions show how fast and easy it works.

Click here for the recipe >>

Rhubarb crumble cake

This treat is juicy on the inside and is topped by golden-brown, buttery crumbles.

Here you will find the right recipe >>

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