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Mind & Soul

Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino - In My Mind (April 2019).


FOR YOU and GU you want to take you into a world where you can escape the daily stress. There is mind & soul for that: In a series of lectures and workshops, you can rediscover the pleasurable sides of life in addition to the guides of our experts.


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Tips for the fall

5 things you should do in the fall

What to do when autumn comes? Read here which leisure activities are ideal for autumn.

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winter Blues

5 tips against winter blues

Bad mood in winter?


Learning to love autumn

10 reasons to love the fall

Learn here how to learn to love the fall.

Rest robber test

Test: What brings me out of balance?

Take the test and expose your robbers.


Proper diet for tension

The best food for muscle soreness and tension.

Correct posture

Nine simple tips against stress

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