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6 Awesome Tips to Make Your Feet Look Fabulous (May 2019).


Far too seldom do we pay our feet the same attention as our hands. This may also cause disease. With our tips and proper care, toenails are healthy and beautiful in both summer and winter.

Accurately shaped nails, painted in the latest trend color, and soft skin without corneas - that's how you like to see feet. But especially in winter, they often endure an unworthy existence. Because packed in thick wool socks and boots, unkempt feet and nails can hide very easily.

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Lack of care can take revenge

Those who are unlucky and neglected the foot care, can soon discover unsightly changes to the toenails or even diseases. For example, if the pedicure is performed incorrectly, the nail can grow in - a painful inflammation is often the result. If the doctor can not fix anything, surgery may even be necessary.

The right pedicure

For the absolute basics in nail care, a nail scissors for cutting and a nail file with cuticle pusher is needed. If you also want to remove corneas and calluses, you need a pumice stone or a fine foot file. A polishing file gives wavy nails a slight shine through the smooth surface. The best way to do the pedicure directly after showering or a short foot bath, as the skin and nail are then slightly softened.

Step by step to the beautiful foot

First, carefully remove the cornea. To do this, apply gentle pressure on vulnerable areas, such as the bale, pumice or foot file. Now it's on the nails. In contrast to the fingernails, toenails should be cut rather straight and the cutting edge should be filed only slightly. If the toenail is cut too round or the corners are even filed down, there is a risk of the nail growing into it. The nail should end with the toe. If he is longer, he can hurt in tight shoes.

Detect diseases such as nail fungus

During the regular pedicure, the general condition of the nails should also be checked: If they are yellow or brittle, there may be an infection with the dreaded nail fungus. A visit to the dermatologist is then essential.

Remove cuticles and maintain feet

On many nail files there is a cuticle pusher at the end of the handle. This can be carefully pushed back excess cuticle. An alternative are rosewood sticks. Now is the perfect time to polish your nails with a polishing file. Toenails in red shine particularly nice, but also every other nail polish is good on a neat nail. Only when the paint has dried well - usually after at least half an hour - should the feet be rubbed into a nourishing finish with a rich cream. A light foot massage has a relaxing and balancing effect.

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