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Wedding Gifts: Creative and Loving

Opening all our WEDDING GIFTS || Mr & Mrs Thomas (May 2019).


Just Married! The wedding day is one of the best days in a couple's life. At least as extraordinary should be the wedding present, which you hand over to the bridal couple as a guest. Whether romantic, playful or classically packed: Here you will find creative ideas for homemade wedding gifts, invitations and much more. Be inspired and give away a very special present.

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Creative DIY evening

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Six bloggers and one mission: to invent and craft creative gift ideas for weddings.

Made with love

Gift for the wedding

Mobile from folded banknotes

With this gift you prepare the bridal couple a very special joy!

Wedding gift

Passbook made of wood

With this money present you prepare the bride and groom a great joy.

To the wedding

Money present with tree slice and paper tip

It does not always have to be boring to give away money.


Wedding gift

Glasses bride and groom

Money present to the wedding

Maritime gift box with champagne glasses

To the wedding

Gift basket with personalized tree slice

Wedding gift

Romantic gift wrap with lace ribbon

Craft idea for the wedding

Wooden "Save The Date" card

To the wedding present

Maritime card

gift idea

Floral wedding greeting in self decorated vase

gift idea

Wedding lantern with engraving

gift of money

Refined mat

Wedding gift

Romantic gift wrap with tree slice

gift of money

Maritime bottle post

Wedding Gifts

Wedding lantern with engraving

To the wedding

Mini bridal gown with special (bank) note

Do it yourself

Favors for the wedding

a few nice words

Wedding sayings


Gifts of money from the heart

For the guests

To the wedding

Invitation card with filigree lettering

This card is simple but tasteful.

To the wedding

Invitation card made of cork

This invitation card is just waiting to hang on the whiteboards of your guests


To the wedding

Stylish invitation card with flowers

How nice! This wedding invitation is as unique as your occasion itself.

Crafting for the wedding

Invitation Card "Bangs the Corks"

Make your wedding invitation out of wood and cork.

Save the Date!

Stylish invitation card made of cork

Invite your guests to this wedding reception with this stylish card.

Gifts for the newlyweds

You are invited to a wedding and do not know with which gift you can make the bride and groom a pleasure? Understandable. The range of wedding gifts is large and the price range huge - because you can ever lose the overview. We want to give you a helping hand and have put together the most beautiful gift ideas for personal cash gifts, lovely gift cards and DIY wedding gifts for you.

Most couples want money for their wedding. After all, such a celebration costs a lot and an original money gift comes just right. If you are invited as a guest at a wedding and still looking for a suitable wedding gift, you are in good hands with us! Because money does not always have to be boringly packed in the envelope and handed over. We show you in our galleries many creative gift ideas and tips on how to pack gifts of money beautifully and with love.

When choosing the right gift, be sure to keep in mind the setting of the wedding reception. This gives a lot of information about the interests and preferences of the bridal couple, for example, whether they are more traditional or modern, and helps you to find a suitable gift idea for the wedding.

On the day of the wedding there is often a nice guest book, often initiated by the groomsmen of the couple, in which every guest registers and the bride and groom can best greetings and congratulations. Subsequently, snapshots of the celebration and beautiful pictures of the guests can be pasted into the book and provided with funny comments. If you like it more creative, you can simply hang a conventional clothesline and attach freshly shot Polaroid pictures of the guests there. Two creative ideas that will surely please the bridal couple and at the same time are nice memories of the big day.

For the first time, when the bride and groom come together, an original doormat or a slate heart with the couple's names as a decoration for the new shared home is offered. In general, personalized gifts are perfect to make the newlyweds happy and to give the gift an individual touch.

Gifts to the guests

The custom of giving his wedding guests small gifts as a thank-you and remembrance of a great evening home, has now established itself in Germany. Photos, keychains or other little things personalized with the initials or the photo of the bridal couple are distributed as gifts on the tables, so everyone gets a little souvenir home with them.

Personal gifts for the silver wedding

After 25 years together, there is a big jubilee to celebrate - the silver wedding. Whether you want to make your wife or your husband happy or you are invited as a guest on such a special occasion, a personalized gift is here in any case suitable. Great gifts for the silver wedding or even for the golden wedding, for example, noble jewelry with a personal dedication, chic picture frames with engraving for personal memories or an original savings box for joint savings, money gifts are still very popular - plus a good bottle of wine or champagne and the wedding present is perfect!

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