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Care and exercises for beautiful feet and legs Delicate to the tips of your toes

6 Exercises to Kill Chronic Knee, Foot or Hip Pain (April 2019).


Well-groomed feet and legs are something to be proud of. We'll show you how everything goes smoothly.

Tender to the tips of your toes

Soft on the go - with rich creams and sprays

Moisturizers such as urea, glycerine and allantoin are used in foot creams to make dry skin supple without greasing (eg from Eucerin, Vichy, Eubos, Allpresan, free). When applying creams, do not forget heels and toe gaps. Practical for those in a hurry and those who can not bend over are sprays (eg from Gehwol). Tip: Itchy, flaky skin between the toes could be athlete's foot. Then an antifungal drug from the pharmacy helps (eg Canesten).

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Beautiful appearance from the tube. The way to perfectly tanned legs

Make-up for spraying is available for light and darker skin types. In the evening it is washed off (eg by L'Oréal Paris, Artdeco). The sun shimmer lasts longer with self-tanner (eg from Nivea, Lierac, Clarins). Sure, that there should sprout no hairs. Wet razors with five blades promise smoothness and thoroughness (eg from Gillette). Gentle epilation works with a device that, when used when showering or bathing, only draws lightly (eg from Braun).

Firm calves, tight buttocks, tight thighs - it goes by itself

No time for the gym? Then train your legs in "FitFlops" (photo). Their special footbed requires up to 15 percent more energy while walking and stimulates the longitudinal muscles of the calves, thighs and buttocks. Shoes from the collection by biodyn make the city stroll a pleasant beach walk. The special technology of the soles relieves the joints, activates the muscles and improves posture.

Every now and then a small abrasion can not hurt your feet

A treatment with sea salt, sugar or volcanic rock peeling once a week keeps your feet soft (eg from LCN, The Body Shop). Invigorating: foot baths with marigold rosemary, mint and orange oil (eg from Kneipp, Scholl). Care with vine leaves, seaweed extract, menthol or citrus (eg from Antistax, Biomaris, Neutrogena, Weleda) and a mask with mountain mint and elderberry (eg from Allgäu mountain pine) cool heavy legs.

Mini workout for legs, buttocks, back and balance

1. Lie supine, shoulders down, pin ball between knees. Squeeze 10 times, moving the pelvis slightly up and down.

Mini workout for legs, buttocks, back and balance

2. Lateral position, upper leg on the ball. Raise and lower lower leg without releasing. 10 times, then change.

Mini workout for legs, buttocks, back and balance

3. Supine, pin the ball between your knees, lift the pelvis and extend your right leg. Raise and lower pelvis 10 times, then change.

Mini workout for legs, buttocks, back and balance

4. When standing, pin ball between knees, lift one leg. Keep as long as possible, then change.

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