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Halloween Creepy make-up tips

Scary Halloween Makeup Tutorials ? Special Effects Makeup Ideas Compilation (May 2019).


The perfect Halloween costume is largely defined by the make-up. How do you tell the best make-up tips for Halloween.

It's that time again. On the night of October 31, the spirits awaken. Halloween is no longer just a US hype. Meanwhile, the "festival" is known to almost everyone. Children dress up as their favorite scary character and go from house to house to collect sweets. But adults are increasingly falling into the scary event. Model Heidi Klum, for example, organizes a huge Halloween party every year, where she always appears in an extravagant costume. Even in Germany, the Halloween parties are more and more around and the event is celebrated accordingly. The hardest decision is the question of the costume and make-up. After all, you want to be the eye-catcher of the party. We have a few make-up tips ready for you.

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Scary make-up for the perfect costume

Each Hallowen costume needs an individual touch, which a mask, or the disguise alone can not give. That's where make-up comes into play. Especially popular are vampires and any kind of zombies. It should just look scary and sinister. As a primer, white child make-up or make-up can be used for very light skin. When you make a kiss, slight dents appear under your cheekbones. Use a brush to paint dark eye shadows in the caves. But only very easy! A red make-up pencil can conjure up a kohl stroke on your lower eyelid. Then you surround your eyes black. It does not have to be very accurate, because after all, you should look dead. Your lips can make you black or blood red, which gives a special scary factor. Use dark or white nail polish. As a little extra detail, you can paint a spider web on one or more nails. From Halloween decorations can also easily tinker with matching accessories and this at will, hang on the shoulder, etc.

Make up wounds and scars

Small details make the zombie look! What would a zombie or a dead person be without scars or facial wounds? The pros use Proesthetic Gelatine to make flesh wounds look really real. All you have to do is heat transparent gummy bears with a little water in the microwave. The whole thing should not boil! To make the wound look bloody later, you can also mix the gummy bears and the water with red food coloring. First, test the gelatine on your forearm or hand to test that it has cooled down enough. Then you fill the gelatin with a wooden spatula in your face or décolleté. When cooling, push on the skin and squeeze the gelatin into shape as desired. The wound can then be applied.

But we have another wound make-up tip for you. Apply a little bit of skin glue to any part of your face. Then crumble some oatmeal and press firmly against the skin. After a minute, the flakes should be fixed and you can paint the wound with reddish lip gloss. This looks guaranteed to be deceptively real!

For scarifying you need colloid, which you can get in the pharmacy or on the Internet. First, cleanse your skin with alcohol. Then spread the colloid on the skin with a brush and let it dry. You can do this as often as you like. After the party you can easily remove the scar from the skin.

Make fake blood

The wounds should still be really bloody? Or you want to dress up as a vampire? Then we have just the right thing for you - the fake blood recipe from Robert Schemmer. You need a small bottle of caramel, red food coloring and a drop of detergent. Mix all ingredients together and carefully bring the mixture to the desired consistency with water. Then you can apply the fake blood on the artificial wounds or on the skin and lubricate with it at will.

With these tips, Halloween is garbed the horror!

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