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難道圓一點就不美嗎?我有話要說 Are you pretty? Unless you slim/thin? (April 2019).


The Easter season is a hard time for those who want to lose weight, because seductive Easter eggs made of chocolate, nougat and marzipan are alluring. It is baked and cooked, which has what it takes, and accordingly, the restraint is difficult. We have a few tips and tricks for you on how to stay slim until Easter - and afterwards.

The kilos of Christmas are hardly down, there is already the next party at the door. And thus also festive and delicious dishes. Even easter is not bothered with feasting. Chocolate eggs, rolls with jam for breakfast or the fat roast for dinner are not exactly dietary. In order to be able to enjoy these delicacies properly even without a guilty conscience, many people follow the custom of renouncing from Ash Wednesday to Easter. For example, alcohol or other stimulants, sweets and chocolate or meat are not used. Some even make a proper diet. This is not necessary with our tips! We have a few tips and tricks on how to be slim without diet and painful abandonment until Easter.

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Three meals a day

A well-balanced and healthy diet includes a rich breakfast. The first meal of the day should also be the biggest. This is important so that the body has enough energy for the day. As you move throughout the day, a lot of energy can be consumed by the breakfast, so many calories are burned. In the morning, you may therefore resort to carbohydrates and fiber. A cereal with low-fat yoghurt and fruit is the ideal start to the day. Coffee and tea are also allowed, but only unsweetened.

The mix of protein and good carbohydrates is the secret recipe for each of the three meals you should eat each day. That's why you should supplement every meal with fruit or vegetables. In the evening you should do without carbohydrate-rich food and grab protein. We recommend protein bread or lager quark with fruit. Since the body works only slowly during sleep, you should also abstain from eating too late. It's hard for the body to digest. Dairy products in the morning and evening get the metabolism going. In addition, calcium keeps fat burning busy. Fish and meat are rich in protein and are perfect for lunch or dinner.

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Chew thoroughly and drink a lot

A no-go are ready meals. The flavor enhancers and other artificial substances not only harm the body, but also slow down the metabolism and are not conducive to weight loss. Also important are slow food and thorough chewing, so as not to complicate the digestion. Sufficient drinking is also one of the most important requirements to lose weight. At least two to three liters of water a day are optimal. In addition, the body needs a supply of about 40 grams of fiber per day. In reality, that's easier said than done. These values ​​are only indicative.

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