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What Causes Toenails to Turn Yellow? (May 2019).


Yellowish discoloration on toe nails is not a pretty sight, especially in summer, when the feet are worn in open shoes. We clarify the causes and how you can tackle the blemish with the miracle cure lemon .

The best tips at a glance

  • Lemon juice is a true wonder drug, if it is just a discoloration due to nail polish o.ä. These
  • If the cause lies in the diet, take a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin E.
  • As a precautionary measure swim slippers or flip flops should always be worn in the swimming pool
  • Even drying the toe spaces after showering or bathing is essential
  • A regular visit to the pedicure is not essential, but it's handy to check the health of the feet

When the warm season starts and the winter shoes go back into the closet, the look of the feet is of course particularly important. Even our neat, painted in colored colors toenails now act as an accessory. If the paint in between but sometimes comes down and yellow toenails, the shock is great once.

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Causes of yellow nails

If the discoloration only becomes visible after the nail polish has been removed, most likely only color pigments have settled in the nails. This can come especially from red nail polish.With a polishing file, the discoloration can be easily removed. It is best to use a colorless base coat before painting.

Basically, doctors distinguish between discoloration that comes from the outside and discoloration that already occurs at the nail root. Causes that come from the outside are creams or other medicines that contain silver nitrate - there is no need to worry. But also internal diseases or chemotherapeutic agents may be reasons. Birthmarks are among the causes that occur at the site of the nail and can thus lead to brown stripes. The skin under the nail may be a bruise or fungal or bacterial. If other symptoms accompany the yellowish discoloration, such as a thickening of the nails, or they are fragile, this may indicate toenail fungus.

What helps against yellow nails?

To get rid of the troublesome blemish, there are numerous tips and home remedies. The first contact point for nail changes should be the dermatologist. Especially when the cause of the changes is unclear. Diseases that trigger the nail changes must be treated separately.

To remove yellow discolouration by hand, we recommend lemon juice.This old home remedy works wonders. A lemon is squeezed out and the juice is caught in a suitable bowl. Dip a cotton pad into the juice and work on the nail. Also baking soda should help. For this, the nail is rubbed off with baking powder dissolved in water. If the cause of the discoloration lies in the diet and a lack of minerals, vitamins help. Very important here is vitamin E. Foods that contain vitamin E include, for example, vegetable oils, as well as nuts, salmon, paprika or currants.

A permanent inflammation of the toenails, called onychomycosis, often develops from an untreated athlete's foot. Whether in the pool or due to other diseases - nail fungus can hit anyone. Since this fungus usually does not recover by itself, it must be treated. The treatment is often very tedious, but in most cases it is sufficient to treat the nails with the help of antifungal creams and varnishes. If the nail root is already attacked or several nails are infected, additional medication must be taken.

Prevent nail fungus and yellow discoloration

In order to avoid the nail changes, bathing shoes or flip-flops should always be worn in the swimming pool. Tight footwear made of synthetic materials does not allow the foot to breathe and promotes the incorporation of fungal spores. After bathing or showering, the feet should always be well dried, especially in the spaces between the toes. If you regularly go to the pedicure, you can check here, as it stands for the foot health.

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