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Nutrition and Weight Loss with Amy Lee MD | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition (May 2019).


A healthy and balanced diet is determined not only by what we eat, but also when and how much. What is important in terms of a vital diet and what eating habits to abate, you can find out here.

The topic of nutrition plays an increasingly important role in society and in our lives. Who cares about his health and his body, the Fast food, finished products and Co. from the menu and relies on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fat and calorie-reduced foods with lots of vitamins and nutrients.

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Terrifyingly, millions of people are overweight. About 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women in Germany are too fat. Too much fast food, excessive sugar intake and unhealthy fats are just a few reasons for obesity, in addition to lack of exercise of those affected. The consequences: diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, an unhealthy complexion and an oppressive body sensation.

But even wrong eating habits can upset the metabolism and lead to an increase in weight. Stop snacking, eat irregularly, eat large portions and have troublesome illnesses: If you follow our tips, you will come a bit closer to a healthy and balanced diet and do something good for your health. It also tumbled down annoying pounds!

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Not without breakfast from the house

If you have to go fast in the morning, many often have enough coffee. In the morning we need enough energy to start the day well. If you do not have breakfast, you will be hungry in the office at the latest and that's when the first big-dick traps lurk: Either colleagues have brought something sweet or someone has a birthday again and donates a cake. Who could say no to that? Of course you do not have to do without. Anyone who already has a hearty breakfast at home refrains from treats in the office.

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Our tip: Quickly prepared and very delicious is for example scrambled eggs with mushrooms and a slice of wholemeal bread. This dish is filling for a long time and avoids eating bugs at the desk. Another plus point: Even when having lunch in the canteen you do not have to pile high food mountains on your plate to get full.

Do not eat too late

Sometimes we lie in bed in the evening and shortly before we fall asleep, the stomach announces a grumble and supposed hunger. If you plunder the fridge now, you will not only have difficulty falling asleep, but it will increase in the long run. Because what we eat so late, the body can not burn - it lands directly on the stomach, hips and thighs. It's best not to eat anything after 8 pm, and in any case enough to avoid lying in bed with a growling stomach. If you are hungry, you can try a cup of hot broth. Maybe you just had an appetite that can be breastfed until morning.

Eat right meals

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A chocolate croissant in the morning in the train, a sandwich in the morning, in the afternoon cake in the office and in the evening a few sausages - who feeds, takes too little fresh fruit, vegetables and vitamins and is due to the high amount of sugar get hungry again and again. The result: they are increasing. Instead, try to have a large, well-balanced meal in the morning, at noon, and in the evening, to keep you ample. If the hunger still in between, try to make him happy with some fruit or small snacks such as nuts, they are healthy and delicious!

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