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Instructions scarf in Loom technique

How to Loom Knit a Diagonal Infinity Scarf (DIY Tutorial) (June 2019).


On the Loom board, the individual loom squares for this loop scarf are made in winding technique. The colors within the squares can be combined individually - creativity knows no bounds!


Size:approx. 30 x 45 cm (double lying)

Material: "Universa" (55% pure new wool, 45% acrylic, running length 125 m / 50 g) each 50 g in gray color 00197, dark blue color 00150, light blue color 00156, red color 00032, cyclam color 00135 from Schachenmayr original. 1 crochet hook No. 4. Loom Maxi square (Prym, Art N ° 624157).

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Instructions:The loop scarf is made up of 12 individual loom squares (size 15 x 15 cm each). Each square is first wrapped in the Loom technique on the board, here, the colors can be combined arbitrarily. Then the wound threads are fixed at individual points, also here you can work in a contrasting color. Now the square can be removed from the board and is crocheted at the outer edge. The individual squares are then connected together by crocheting together.

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