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Colorful spring flowers in a vase look great, radiate joy and make our living space a cozy place. But it gets even better: we explain how you can integrate carrots, Easter eggs and Easter grass into your flower decoration.

The perfect decoration succeeds if one can connect several topic elements together. Of course, eggs are essential at Easter. Why do not you combine them with your flower arrangement?

Flowers in the eggs sea

You need this:

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  • 1 large vase or lantern
  • 1 small, narrow vase
  • colorful eggs (plastic or self-dyed)
  • flowers

That's how it's done:

  1. Fill the big vase so high with the painted eggs that the little one fits in and ends with the edge of the big vase. Fill the small vase with water and place it centered on the eggs.
  2. Now fill the cavities of the large vase with eggs, so that the small vase is no longer visible. Now you can put flowers in the small vase.

Flowers in the eggshell

You need this:

  • chicken eggs
  • small flowers
  • egg cup
  • belting
  • Hot glue gun

That's how it's done:

  1. Blow out the eggs and open one side of the ice as if you wanted to spoon it out. Seal the hole on the bottom of the egg from the inside with a little hot glue or plaster.
  2. Then add a little water to the eggshell and put in small flowers. These can be, for example, lavender flowers, rosebuds or daisies.
  3. The mini-Easter vases can now either be placed on eggcups or used as decorative window decorations. Glue the eggs from the bottom up with a little ribbon and leave it so long that it acts as a hanger.

Carrot Flowers

What is the Easter bunny doing? Of course carrots. It's so easy to put these in your flower deco:

You need this:

  • Carrots with cabbage
  • a vase
  • flowers

That's how it's done:

Simply place the carrots in the vase, and then let the water flow into them. The carrot green now looks out of the top of the vase. Then you can drape flowers to the carrots. Especially beautiful look pale orange tulips, which fit wonderfully with the carrots.

Colorful wreath of branches

The wonderful thing about flowers: they instantly embellish bare things and bring color into play. For example, put colorful flowers in a wreath of entwined branches and it looks like a spring. With a few little Easter eggs in it, this decorative element becomes even more festive.

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