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Workout slimming with aqua fitness

What are the benefits of aquatic exercise? (June 2019).


We present: Healthy weight loss while playfully shaping the body. What is behind the trend of Aqua-Fitness and why the sport is so effective, you can see here.

Aqua-Fitness: A trend that has flown directly from sunny California to us. Many bikini beauties swear by the wet sport. High time to uncover what is actually behind the weight loss trend Aqua-Fitness.

But what is aqua fitness?

Aqua-Fitness describes sporty, intense movements in the water that occur in the fitness and wellness area. This sport uses the physical properties of the water to resist as much as possible. Since the water resistance is higher than the air resistance, the muscles are more stressed.

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The popular sport is particularly suitable for people with overweight or joint damage, since the own body weight is reduced by the buoyancy to only 1/10 of the total weight. Thus, not only the joints, but also hip, spine, tendons and ligaments are relieved and spared. Even for beginners, this sport is ideal as a start, because the risk of injury is minimal.

What brings me Aqua Fitness?

Aqua-Fitness is one of the most effective training workouts thanks to its persistent water resistance and high levels of exercise. The muscles in the body must constantly fight against water pressure, which results in increased muscle growth and a very high calorie consumption. But the resistance also has an additional benefit: It massages the muscles, thus tightens the tissue and avoids unpleasant muscle soreness. We say the cellulite áde!

Another plus point in the sports ranking is that you hardly notice the double exertion of the cool water and you can playfully throw in pounds. The blood circulation is stimulated and tense muscles are relaxed.

As a motivational bomb and an excuse-destroyer, this sport does not make any excuses: Because who pushes in winter because of the cold temperatures before the jogging, can show no excuse at the Aqua Fitness.

As a sport, even in the cold season, we can conclude directly in winter with our additional pounds and plunge into the cool wet. Speaking of temperature: Due to the low water temperature, our body is constantly busy during the work-out to create a temperature compensation. That means a high energy expenditure for the body and a calorie loss for us!

In addition to a lot of variety in everyday training, Aqua-Fitness also brings us a great body shape. Since almost all muscles are stressed during the training in the water, our body comes perfectly in shape.

Where can I get started?

Many gyms with private pools have already successfully introduced this sport. But also in swimming pools, the sport is often offered. Get information about the location, price, and training through the Internet or through your gym.

Aqua fitness variations

Suitable for everyone, the popular sport has been divided into several subcategories. You can choose between many Aqua-Fitness variants and choose the courses that suit you:

  • Aqua-Robic: With the help of swimming boards, stomach girdles and pool noodles, calories are actively burned in the water.
  • Aqua-Walking: Ideal for beginners. In the swimming pool walking and running movements are carried out with ground contact.
  • Aqua-Jogging: trains endurance in deep water. Boosts fat burning, tightens the tissues and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Again, you can use a belt.
  • Aqua-Relaxing: Promotes better mobility of the joints and provides relaxation and relaxation of the body.
  • Aqua Power: Fast and intense movements are combined with dumbbells. Fights cellulite and thanks to the weights it forms the whole body.
  • Aqua Zumba: Zumba dancing in the cool water! With motivating music and a lot of fun, you dance to movements. Shaping a great body.

Here's a nice example of an aqua fitness workout with different exercises:

And so it goes with the Aqua Zumba:

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