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Weightlifting For Women (June 2019).


The topic of weight training for women is a gray area for many. When is strength training really strength training? Does the woman remain feminine or does she get muscle like a bodybuilder?

How do I start with strength training?

Basically, everything starts with your own work of overcoming. Although you will not burn fat here, it is at least as exhausting as the actual workout. If you are really willing and able to get up and go to the gym or to do your exercises at home, the first big step has already been taken.

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With a little patience to the dream body

The most important thing for you to effectively lose fat is that you have low body fat. Most women dream of a tight body - muscular, yet feminine. Ladies who meet this ideal often have a body fat percentage of about 15-21%, and this with regular workouts. You may already think that you have to change your eating habits accordingly. You can still train and sweat so much, if you do not adjust your diet, you will achieve little. You can find more about healthy nutrition here >>

That's how it works!

Now that you have effectively changed your diet, you can finally start your fitness workout. Of course, endurance training is also very important for the kilos to tumble, but muscle building also plays an enormously important role, as muscles burn fat even when at rest! So you know that 1 kilo of muscle burns at rest 100 calories! It may be that you get even heavier in the beginning through strength training. Do not panic, this is simply because muscles are much heavier than fat. So, now that you've gotten to your target body fat percentage through hard work and a lot of discipline, you should continue to focus on your strength to achieve a beautiful and flawless body with a firm skin. And that means: heavy weights and rather a few fewer repetitions will take you further.
An extensive workout, at least 3-4 times a week, it should be. Of course, they can then increase their own discretion, but if they are not over-motivated, it can quickly lead to muscle soreness or joint pain. With these tips you will reach your dream body with certainty. But that requires a lot of diligence and that they stay on the ball. Do not give up, but keep on working for your body, because you do it only for yourself and for no one else. We are already sure that you too can reach your dream body.

Here are a few tips for women who want to work out at home:

Strength Training Week 1

  • Raising and lowering of the pool = 2 sets of 10 Wdh. Per side
  • Squats on the hoe = 2-3 sets of 10-15 Wdh.
  • Lunge = 2 sets of 15-18 Wdh.
  • Keep shoulder support = 2x 30-60 seconds in posture
  • Cycling = 30 min

Weight training week 2

  • Crunch = 2 sets of 20 Wdh.
  • Hüftstrecken on the ground = 3 sets à 15 Wdh.
  • Side jumps with band = 15-20 Wdh.
  • Leg raises (bent + lying) = 2 sets of 10 Wdh. Per side
  • Jogging = 30 min

Weight training week 3

  • Crunch = 3 sets à Wdh.
  • Ball circles = 2 sets of 10 Wdh
  • Toe grip = 10-15 Wdh.
  • High kicks = 2 sets of 10-15 Wdh.
  • Swimming = 30 min

Weight Training Week 4

In the last week of training, you should choose the most appropriate exercises for you and increase the number of repetitions as your progress progresses. Never forget, building muscle takes time and staying power. Stay tuned and you will be rewarded.

Information and tips on the individual exercises

Raising and lowering the pelvis: This exercise is performed while lying down and vigorous especially the butt and the upper, posterior thigh.
Squats: Make sure that your knees stay in front of your toes to protect the delicate joints.
Lunge: Make sure you keep your back straight and tense at all times. Again, when kneeling, the knee of the front leg should not protrude beyond the toe.
Lateral Forearm Support: Lie on your side and lean on the ground with your forearm and your one foot. Stretch the other two parts of the body away from each other. Then you stay so with tense chest / abdominal muscles.
Hip stretches on the floor: Kneel on all fours. Now, alternately stretch one leg backwards and hold this position for a moment.
Side jumps with band: Tighten a band around your ankles. Stand so that the strap between your legs is tight. Now you're always jumping from one leg to the other at a reasonable pace.
Leg raises: Lie on your back. Now stretch both legs vertically upwards. In this position, you cross your legs. Now lower and raise your legs up and down while tensing your legs and stomach. Make sure your back does not touch the ground.
Ball circles: For this you need a gym ball. On these you support yourself with your elbows, so that only their toes touch the ground. Start spinning the ball with your elbows, but do not lose your balance. Such exercises are especially good for the back. But also the stomach and triceps are trained here.

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