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Barbecues with electricity Electric barbecues - that's how it works

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For whom charcoal is too much work and gas too suspicious, for the electric grill is the suitable alternative. Safe and clean barbecue fun for the home with children or friends - simple, flexible and uncomplicated.

Convincing charcoal grills rump the nose already at the thought of an electric grill: Grilling with plug and cable is not a real barbecue. They lack the smoke, the fire, the unmistakable taste. Of course, grilling with the electric grill may not be quite as authentic and the meat does not get the typical smoke flavor. But the food is delicious and juicy - and much less complicated.

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Less effort, same barbecue pleasure

Turn it on and you're ready to go. The electric grill is perfect for the spontaneous barbecue evening and does not have to be cheered on for a long time. Meat, fish and vegetables are quick and easy to grow. The saved preparation time can then be invested elsewhere, for example in the preparation of homemade barbecue sauces and dips.

Clean thing

Not only when heating, also during cleaning and care, the electric grill is pleasantly uncomplicated. There must be no ash residues disposed of. The grill and the collecting tray for the fat can usually be removed and fit into the dishwasher. Other models have a grill plate which, thanks to its non-stick coating, is easy to clean.

Ideal for balcony grill

For barbecues on the balcony, an electric grill is the perfect solution. No smoke annoys the neighbors, especially since the grilling with conventional charcoal appliances in apartment buildings is usually prohibited. The only smell far and wide comes from the tasty, sizzling grilling food. And where there is no embers, fat and meat juice can not drip on the fuel, so that no harmful substances.

In small also as a table grill

Since there is no increased risk of fire with an electric grill, it can be used inside without any concerns. When storm clouds gather, small models can be quickly transformed into a table grill and the barbecue party can continue in the dining room. At the same time, that means that the grilling area is not as big on many appliances as it is on a charcoal or gas grill.

Without electricity, nothing is going on

Also, barbecuing is not easily possible with any electric grill. Although you get devices with a lid, but in most models, the food is directly above the heat source. If you do not want to give up on indirect grilling, you should inform yourself before buying an electric grill.

Otherwise, the only drawback of the electric grill is its dependence on the socket to mention - so nothing with BBQ on the grill in the park. Even those who have a large garden, should eventually have a cable drum or at least an extension cord ready, so that the sausages do not stay cold.

At least 2, 000 watts

The range of electric grills is large and includes a wide variety of models and equipment. They are available from the large barbecue for the garden to the small contact grill, which can also be used in many ways in the kitchen. Priced, the electric grill is usually the cheaper alternative to gas or charcoal. So that the meat is even, he should have at least a capacity of 2, 000 watts, otherwise the grill is not hot enough.
Ideal for the balcony and flexible in bad weather, the electric grill is ideal for those who like to grill at home in a small group.

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