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Knitting Pattern Zopfpullover in the style of Moschino

How to Knit Nanook Cardigan by Heidi Kerrmaier Video Workshop (June 2019).


Bright yellow will determine Moschino's Cheap and Chic collection this summer. This pearl-embroidered pigtail jumper in designer look is quickly self-made with our instructions.


Material: Online Wool "Line 278 RUN" (100% cotton, 100 m = 50 g), 350 (400) g in yellow Fb. 06, knitting needles

No. 4-4.5, a pigtail needle, 19 large beads (buttons), 1 cm Ø.

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Bundle Pattern: Knit 2 sts to the right, 2 sts to the left. The 1st R is a Rückr. After the edge sts, work 1 st in the left, then 2 sts in the right, knit 2 sts in the left.

Basic pattern: Smooth left = Knit left st and right sts.

Cable pattern: Repeat over 30 sts after the knitting work. In the back, knit the sts as they appear. The 1st-24th Repeat R always.

Mesh samples : (smooth left) 18Mund26R = 10x10cm, (cable pattern) 21Mund26R = 10x10cm.

Back piece: Cast on 94 (102) sts and knit 3 cm waistband. For the basic and cable pattern, divide the M as follows: edge-M, 10 (14) M basic pattern, 2x the repeat and 12 M after the repeat, 10 (14) M basic pattern, edge-M. Knitting straight in this split. For the armhole after 38 (36) cm bind off both sides 1x 4 sts in each second row 1x (2x) 2 and 3x1 sts = 76 (80) sts. For the neckline cut off the middle 30 sts after 60 cm total length and finish both sides separately. For rounding in each row remove 1x 2 and 1x 1 st, at the same time cast off for the shoulder slope in each 2nd row 2x7 and 1x 6 (8) sts.

Front piece : Work like the back piece, but for the deeper neckline, after 52 cm basic pattern, bind off the middle 12 sts and finish both sides separately. For the excision round in every 2nd row remove 1x 3, 2x 2 and 5x 1 sts.

Sleeves: Cast on 66 (74) sts and knit 3 cm waistband. For the basic and cable pattern for size 36/38, increase 1 st = 68 (74) sts on both sides and divide them as follows: edge sts, 12 (15) sts basic pattern, 1x the repeat and 12 sts after the repeat, 12 ( 15) M basic pattern, edge-M. Knit 2 cm in this division. Cast off 4 sts for both sides of the arm ball, remove 1x2 and 15x (17x) 1, 1x2, 1x3 and the remaining 16 (18) sts in each 2nd row.

Completion: Close the shoulder seams. Sew in the sleeves, then close the side and sleeve seams. From the neckline, pick up 80 sts (= front 50 sts, back 30 sts) and knit 3 cm waistband. Sew on the pearl buttons.

The knitting instructions can be downloaded here:

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