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Diet Eating Behavior: The Mindfulness Method

★ How to Lose Weight & Keep It Off with Mindfulness! | RUTH WOLEVER, PhD | The Mindful Diet (June 2019).


So we wish that: Losing weight without dieting and without calorie counting. But does that work? Relaxed than you think! And best of all: You can really eat enough.

Cake baking still loves Heidi Peter (52). "But sooner, " she says, "I threw all the ingredients carelessly into the food processor and put on 'full power'." It just had to be quick. Today she celebrates baking with a very different attention. She gently opens one egg after the other, slowly adds sugar and butter, then stirs the dough by hand. And she swears, "My cakes taste better than ever."

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Heidi Peter from Schönberg in the Bavarian Forest has discovered a way for himself, which not only helps her to feel well all around, but has also led her into a new, slimmer life. Weight loss through mindfulness is the name of the method, which is finding more and more followers. Since she has been careful with herself, Heidi Peter is at peace with her body. Has reconciled with frustration and is much more relaxed. That was not always so. The management coach had a lot of stress in her job in the IT industry. Working through the night - and then moving from Munich to the Bavarian Forest. "Because of love, that was wonderful, " she says, "but the hearty regional food landed right on my hips."

Again and again Heidi Peter tried dieting. Low Carb, Low Fat, Radical Calorie Counting. As fast as the pounds fell, they were back just as quickly. "I was totally frustrated." And then the day came in March a year ago. "There I stood in the street in front of a boutique and was stunned, " recalls Heidi Peter. She had just bought three new pants. All at the Bund again a number further than the last time. At 1.70 meters height Heidi Peter weighed 75 kilograms. And now needed size 42 clothes. That same afternoon, she made a decision. The kilos had to go down. Slim through mindfulness - that's what she wanted to try. "I read something about it in a magazine. That felt right for me. "

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