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Eating Disorder Emotional food

My Eating Disorder. (May 2019).


Lie on the sofa with chocolate, chips, sweets and Co. and forget about grief and loneliness. Frustration does not only lead to being overweight, it is a psychological problem that often starts with stress. What you should know about compulsive eating behavior, read here. In addition, a review.

What is a bit of a treat on the side for some can mean a real eating attack without end for others. Emotional eaters use uncontrolled and often without any feeling of hunger for a lot of unhealthy foods with lots of fat and sugar. The reason: The more tense and stressed we are, the more sugar our body or our brain demands. Anyone who has forfeited food first often finds it difficult to stop. According to a study by the US institute "Psychology of Eating", three out of four people try to reduce stress or suppress emotional causes with this eating behavior.

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Emotional eating does not help

However, when the first stress kosher on the scale becomes apparent, many people say: Ran to the bacon! In such a situation, it is often tried to combat obesity with a diet. Unfortunately, this approach is going in the wrong direction. Because a weight reduction means additional stress for the head and body. Instead of losing weight, those affected are under pressure, stressed out and frustrated. This way, a diet can not work and people who want to lose weight are more likely to over-assume.

Stop frustration

Those who really want to counteract the increase in weight must go to the root cause and the actual stress factor and get rid of the world. Your feel-good weight will settle by itself if you lead a carefree and stress-free life.

You dream of a flat stomach and defined muscles? Our fitness exercises will help you!

A review

Much more common than anorexia and bulimia is "emotional eating". Nadine Schindler * (42) knows how comforting chips and chocolate can be - and how hard you can get rid of them.

* Name changed by the editor

Too stupid to stay slim

In the morning I was still on the safe side. When turning around in bed, the quick coffee while standing - I missed nothing. At ten o'clock hunger came. With the first cracking bite in a sandwich, it was as if a switch was being turned down. A counter with huge "EATING" on it. And there he stayed for the rest of the day. The bowl of wine gums on the desk, the biscuits in between, in the evening in front of the television the salami slices directly from the pack - I could not stop it. My problem was not the big hunger - at lunch or supper, I did not scoop up the plate to the limit. My problem was that I was always hungry. Wherever a bowl of knabber stuff stood: I had to reach in. Whenever I passed by the baker, I had to buy something.

It was like an addiction. But I did not know it differently. At home there was always something on the table, no one admonished me, if I got me something. Because I did a lot of sports, I was not fat as a kid. That came only at the end of the teenage time. At the beginning of 20 I weighed 90 kilos. At a size of 1.75 meters. At that time I thought: That's enough, I do not want to be fat. I joined a diet group, paying close attention to everything I ate. With a lot of discipline, I took off, was after a few months at 66 pounds. Friends complimented me, men followed me, I should have been happy. I was not. I've always thought for the past few years: If you're slim, then everything is great. And now? Did my life feel like before - normal, not better. How unfair! Finally, I did without so many delicious things. The frustration grew from week to week, more and more often I treated myself as a reward for a "relapse". And at some point the relapses became a new old habit.

After a year, I weighed more than 90 kilos and was in the middle of the yo-yo trap: I dieted again, took off, then closed again. I told myself not to go wrong - after all, I also ate a lot of vegetables and fruit, and in my fridge were almost only light products. Then again I condemned myself, lay in bed crying. Every time my weight went up, I ate it out of frustration about it a lot and often. It was always followed by new diets, herbal preparations, points and Kalorienzählmethoden.

After a while, I could have run any nutrition course. But the knowledge did not help. "Then eat less, " said a couple of friends. "Then accept yourself as you are!" Others advised. I could not do that. I did not want the other one. Sometimes I stood in front of the toilet and thought: Fingers in the neck, throw up - and everything would come to an end. A bulimia would at least be a real disorder, with a medical name. But I never dared to do that. I was, I thought, just too stupid to stay slim.

After all: My husband did not care how much I weighed. I did not care. I canceled parties so as not to be the only fat man there. I bought pants two numbers too small - as motivation for the next diet. "When I'm slim, " was my mantra. Then I will celebrate, take a ballet class, wear fitted blazers. I lived a life in the waiting mode with three boxes of unworn clothes in the attic. Why do I eat even though I'm not hungry? I never found an answer to that.

Food as comfort

I know her now. Because two and a half years ago - at that time I weighed 120 pounds - I attended a seminar in which it was about the connection between feelings and hunger. Although I knew that I am a frustration knife. But only through the seminar did something move in me. I realized why I was consoling myself with food. Because I learned this from an early age: Eating replaced talking with us, feelings were swept under the table. At seven, when my parents divorced, I swallowed the grief with chocolate. The seminar has shown me that I only get rid of old habits when I face my feelings: why do I stuff cashew nuts into my mouth? Am I mad at the colleague who spoke to me during the meeting? Or sad, because a friend forgot my birthday?

There are no prohibitions at this seminar, just one thing: you should not judge your bad eating habits. Stop the allegations. Instead, one learns to pause before he unthinkingly reaches for food. To look in, to allow feelings, to deal with them: Am I really hungry? No. Why do I eat then? I'm sad! Why? And what helps me to be better? Maybe I call my girlfriend? "Scope of action" is called that. Today I know: I am not a victim. There is an alternative to frustration. I can endure the false hunger until real hunger comes.

Over time, the false hunger reported less and less. I lost 26 kilos in the last two and a half years. Sure: If everything goes wrong, I also take a nap with chocolate or pasta. I used to hate myself for that and even more stuffed inside of me. Today I do not condemn myself anymore. And something else is new. The feeling: I live. And now! Even though I'm still rounder with 94 kilos than others. I do not put up anything anymore: I bought ballet shoes and hung them on the wall. I dare to go to parties where the hostess is wearing size 36. And lately I sometimes even wear a fitted blazer.

Eating problems refer to feelings

"Every eating problem has an emotional core, " says Hamburg psychotherapist Maria Sanchez.

Common approaches to "binge eating" and other eating disorders - usually a combination of behavioral therapy, nutritional science and relaxation methods - do not convince her: "It's like a blanket that spreads through feelings like grief, anger and fear, rather than with them deal. Yet these feelings can be a pathfinder that draws our attention to something that is not right in our lives. "

Their seminars are not about dietary tips, but about body awareness, research into the cause of the eating problem and a more attentive treatment of oneself. By the way: Maria Sanchez also got rid of her own years of obesity with the method developed by her own. Seminars: Sanchez's book of the same name has been published by Envela Verlag and costs € 19.90

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