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Sewing instructions Firewood basket made of felt

DIY Felt Storage Bin (June 2019).


The sturdy basket made of felt offers storage space for firewood, magazines or the like. And looks damn chic. The sewing instructions for the firewood basket can be found here.

A winter evening is best ended with a nice cozy log fire. With the felt basket for your firewood, the bulky wooden blocks can be stored in a beautiful way and also provide a nice eye-catcher next to the fireplace. Whether anthracite black, red, gray mottled, or brown - in terms of color, anything is really possible with the felt basket. Depending on how you live. The basket is used in addition to the storage of firewood for newspapers and magazines, toys or other. Thanks to its solid material, almost everything in the felt basket has its place.

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Dimensions: about 23 x 46 cm, 23 cm high

You need: yarn "LEI COLOR" by Lana Grossa (100% pure new wool, running length = 40 m / 50 g), approx. 800 g in caramel anthracite mottled (finish 112) and 200 g in gray-beige mottled (fb. 106); Knitting needles no. 12; Wool crochet hook No. 9; Paint and dirt trap cloths by Brauns-Heitmann; old newsprint; liquid color detergent


Kraus right = Knit back and forth rows of right stitches.


9 stitches and 17 rows = 10 x 10 cm, measured before felting. By washing, the fabric runs about 25% in width and 30% in height.


1. Knitting: For the basket, knit a total of 32 single squares in the basic pattern with the color caramel anthracite mottled. Cast on 16 stitches per square and after 28 rows from the end cast off the loops loosely.

Download free tutorial on

2. Assemble : For the two front sides of the basket, combine 4 squares into a large square so that the garter ribs run horizontally, sometimes vertically. This creates a Karowirkung (see also photo). Crochet the squares with gray-beige mottled yarn and tight stitches from the outside. Crochet 8 squares (= 2 in height and 4 in length) together for the two long side panels and the bottom. Then connect the side panels, the floor and the front sides together.

Tip: When crocheting, take the loose threads with you. So you save the work with sewing the threads.

3. Finishing : Crochet the upper edge of the basket in gray-beige mottled yarn with a round of sturdy stitches and a round of Krebsmaschen (= work from left to right). Keep the edge a bit. Sew the remaining threads.

4. Washing + felting: Wash the basket at 40 degrees in the washing machine (including spin cycle). To wash give some same-colored towels and two towels against discoloration. Then wash the basket again with liquid color detergent in the machine. Attention: In order to achieve the felt effect, no soft-close or speed-dial program may be selected.

5. Pull the basket into shape when it is wet, stuff it with crumpled paper and let it dry.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions for the practical firewood basket made of felt >>

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