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Make-up Tips Make-up for eyeglass wearers

Makeup for Glasses Dos and Don'ts (March 2019).


Glasses can make your eyes look bigger or smaller. The right make-up helps you set perfect accents. FOR YOU shows how it works.

Glasses are not just a visual aid. Meanwhile, the "nose bike" has become a fashionable accessory, sometimes it is even used, although there is no visual impairment. If you want to wear glasses and make-up, you should generally not apply that thick. Glasses put prominent accents on the face. With plenty of eye shadow, mascara or lipstick, it can quickly seem overloaded. Adjust the lines of eyeliner or kohl to the strength of your glasses frame to ensure a balance.

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Make-up tips for the short-sighted

Visual aids for the short-sighted reduce the eye visually, so here it is necessary to compensate for the effect with the help of make-up. Bright colors make the eye appear bigger. You should therefore use dark kohl or eyeliner sparingly, preferably only on the outer edge of the upper eyelid, as the contrast to the other eye works best here. With rich colors you should hold back, especially if the glasses frame is already colored. Choose a light, neutral tone in beige, white, or even a shade similar to your eyeglass color. Round off the look with a little mascara - ready!

Make-up tips for the farsighted

In contrast to nearsighted eyes look visually larger in far sighted. Irregularly applied eyeshadow or eyeliner is so much more noticeable, and even bright colors sting your opponent even more intense eye. You can also rely on subtle colors, but you can also fall back on dark tones, as they make the eye appear optically smaller and give the eye area more contour. A beautiful eyeliner sets accents, but should be applied very accurately because of the magnification effect. Far-sighted people can easily shift the focus on the face to their lips with a simple trick: some concealer covers dark circles, mascara adds liveliness and color to the eyelashes, and a bright lipstick immediately draws your gaze to your mouth.

Make-up tips for contact lens wearers

Contact lens wearers can make up according to mood, occasion and daytime, the lenses have no effect on the optics. However, the contact lenses should always be used before applying eye make-up so that the fine particles of eye shadow and Co. do not become lodged under the lens.

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