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Hair Styling 12 festive hairstyles

7 Easy Holiday Hairstyles Tutorial (May 2019).


We have put together the 12 most beautiful hairstyles for the holidays for you. Here is guaranteed something for everyone. With tips and tricks for re-styling.

Christina Hendricks

Copper red is hot. The well-known "Mad Men" - series star Christina Hendricks (38), which attracts attention with curves and eye-catching mane again and again all eyes. If you are into red, you should know that this color requires careful make-up and shiny, styled hair - especially on festive occasions.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Simple and elegant. Theatrical Star and Style Icon Gwyneth Paltrow (41, "Iron Man 3") shows how classy a timeless haircut can look like: combing mid-crests, pulling lengths to the tips through a straightener, and simply tucking behind the ears.

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January Jones

À la Marilyn Monroe in the hit series "Mad Men" has shone January Jones (35) as a supercooled housewife, here radiates the opposite in sexy Hollywood look the opposite. The hairstyle styled with a curling iron and brings the waves in shape with a natural bristle brush and pomade. The narrow side is behind the ear - done.

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Jessica Alba

Wrapped up. When it comes to hairstyles, Jessica Alba (32) is creative. Here is the American actress with side knots. This is how he is styled: curl lengths with a curling iron, tie behind one ear to the ponytail. Wrap the loose snail, fix it and decorate it with satin ribbon.

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Jessica Biel

Pretty casual. Justin Timberlake's lady of the heart Jessica Biel (31) likes it most of course. Your uncomplicated 70s look with center parting and pony looks beautiful without much effort. She strengthens the hair with a leave-in cream, blow-dry everything on a thick round brush and shakes up the lengths loosely.

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Jessica Paré

Snow White sends greetings. The dark chocolate brown brings out the porcelain touch and the eyes of Jessica Paré (33) particularly well. In order for the sound to shine, the Canadian actress uses special color shine care and polishes up the curls bob to go out with a touch of shine spray.

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Kate Beckinsale

Her with the Toupier comb. Without him, the beehive hairstyle does not work, which Kinstar Kate Beckinsale (40, "Underworld") loves so much. The tricks: Hair with modeling paste make it nice and handy, auftoupieren and stuck over a hair pillow. Style stringy and put a hairband in front of the toupage.

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Katrina Bowden

A high on the bun. That the former governess hairstyle is now absolutely out fit, proves "30 Rock" actress Katrina Bowden (25). Trick: Tied hair to tie the high ponytail, pull through a Duttkissen, drape the lengths around it and secure with clamps.

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Maria Menounos

Set aside, please! Will US presenter Maria Menounos (35) manage herringbone plait herself? Maybe, because it may be worked more negligent: separate the side ponytail in two games. Separate each thin strands of the outside and alternately over the games to the other side.

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Michelle Williams

Film-ready transformation. Since actress Michelle Williams (33, "Dawson's Creek") has parted with her long curly hair, she's attracted by kinky twiggy hairstyling. For the glam factor, she sprayed the overlong fringe pony with shine spray and pushed a rhinestone-studded hoop in the hair.

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Poppy Delevingne

Romantic variant. Also Poppy Delevingne (27) is in wicker fever. With the pigtail hairstyle, the London It Girl and Model emphasizes his girlish type. She cranks her hair, braids over her ears to the braid and tucks her on the top like a hairband.

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Zooey Deschanel

A real lady. Not always, the hairstyle must be styled pompous to look festive - as the look of US series star Zooey Deschanel (33, "New Girl") shows. Her hair is blown over a round brush, formed into curls at the ends and loosely plucked with her fingers.

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